Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WiP Wednesday...Where All I see Are Rainbows!

I feel like I have been working on Bottled Rainbows for 3 years! I still love it but it has moved in my mind from being a bed quilt for my bed to one for the guest bed....and I'm still not done with it! So far I have all 20 of the blocks (yes, I said 20 cause I added 4 more) connected, and I've attached the bottom border.
I went with piano keys in all the existing colors from the quilt, plus a few extras. Basically its some of almost every Kona I own. I've got the top border ready for batting on my sewing table.
Then I will add right and left, finish the back, quilt it, bind it, and finally work on something else. I may end up putting it on my bed eventually, but right now I'm just at that stage of "I'm just so sick of looking at it can I please work on something else PLEASE!" Well, maybe not quite that strong. I do love how it looks now that it's sewn together. Isn't it weird how you can put it all together on a bed or a design board to get an idea of it, but it still looks so much better than you expect it to when you finally get it sewn together?

Oh, and a word of advice. If you are slightly klutzy like myself and have accidentally hit furniture when swinging your arms while walking through the house, take it as a sign not to wear watches in the house.
Pretty, huh? I couldn't just scratch the face...nooooooo. I had to completely decimate it. Annihilate it. Destroy it. Sigh..... Good thing I have 3 other watches. maybe I'll use the wrist bands to make more wrist pin cushions, but this time I'll make the cushions bigger. Hope you're having a good week!

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Just Carol said...

The colors are beautiful on the quilt--nice job! Guess it's good you just broke the face on the watch and not your wrist. You must have been moving at high speed! LOL!

RobinLovesQuilting said...

Love the added piano keys at the bottom of that Bottles Rainbows quilt: and I have killed multiple watches the same way, although usually I just bend the metal where the band is connected.

Linz said...

hahaha! Sorry about your watch!!

The BR looks incredible! I love the piano keys!! They look awesome!!

Kati said...

Love the bottled rainbows quilt! That border is so fun with it. Too bad about the watch. I'm hard on them as well. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

Marsha Cooper said...

It's gorgeous!
You do make me feel better saying you've been working on it for 3 years :)

Michele said...

The piano keys is great, so much better than the black you showed before. So sorry about the watch. Lesson learned?