Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Little BR And More Dr. Seuss

I got all my blocks done and sewn together for my Bottled Rainbows!
I think I've decided to put it on my guest bed instead of my own bedroom. I had already planned on using my Carpenter Wheels for my bedroom so this works out great for the guest bedroom. I'm still going to add a border to make sure it has good length on it.
I finally pulled out the fabric I bought for the backing and found an issue.
The first thing is that I planned on running it one direction but it's directional the other way. Then when I fully unfolded it, I found this.
This was an "end of the bolt" I bought that was 5 yards. About 3/4 of the way down, I find this area where the fabric had been sewn together. It's not too pretty in real life because it looks like it's trying to pull apart, so I guess I'm going to be working around it.

A little Dr. Seuss 'sign' I love is making it's way around Facebook. It's called "5 Lessons from Dr. Seuss.
I'm thinking about trying to make it into an embroidery picture. I love number 5.


piece peace said...

Your bottled rainbows look fantastic and thanks for sharing the Suess wisdom.

Linz said...

BR looks AWESOME!! It makes me want to do another one... :)

Sorry about the sewn together fabric! What a bummber!

M-R said...

Your BR looks great, Melinda! Wow! What about doing a pieced back with that back and some solids or maybe a giant BR block with that as the focus fabric for the back? Just some thoughts. LOVE that Dr. Seuss poster! I'll be printing it out for my kids for sure.

Mitzi said...

BR is looking great!