Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A New Quilty Tool....Well, Sort of!

Okay, has anyone seen the commercials for Sherwin Williams new online Chip It tool? You can pull the button into your online toolbar and it will provide paint chip colors for what it sees.
Here is the picture I chose:
I clicked my "Chip It" button which put it on the screen, then clicked it again and it came up with colors.
If you don't like the colors it comes up with (I didn't like that it didn't include the green), you can select 'More Colors' at the bottom and it will expand to include all like it did above.

How cool is this? I was thinking it would be great for painting but also for quilts. You have to log in to save your chip it cards, or you could always print screen and save them into a document you have in your computer (oops, did I say that?).  I did figure out that it doesn't like to do Flickr pictures (you know how you can't pin Flickr pictures too?) but I sort of found a way around it.
Go to a Flickr picture you like. I used Paint to pull a print screen image from my own Flickr account to show you how it will work.

Say this is the image I want to "chip". You are supposed to run the mouse over the picture but it doesn't work on the larger image. It does, however, work on the small images in your photostream over on the right.
So find your image in the center there and roll over it. Then click "chip".

And there are your colors! I know, I wouldn't normally use a picture of a quilt to come up with color ideas but it worked for the demonstration. My neighbor's child loves peacocks so I found this one to try as well.

Now, it's going to be limited to the paint colors Sherwin Williams has but I thought it was such a great jumping off point if you have a picture that inspires you. It helps pull all the colors out so you can really see them separately. Have fun!


Cindy said...

Very cool!

Mitzi said...

Wouldn't it be cool if we could do that with Kona solids?