Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hey You! You're a No Reply Blogger and You Don't Even Know It!

I get very upset about no reply bloggers. Primarily because a lot of them don't even realize it (my own soon to be sister in law was commenting on my blog and didn't realize she was one until I told her that I couldn't reply to her). And then these individuals enter contests and wonder why they're never picked. It's because we can't get in touch with you! I hate drawing a name for a giveaway and seeing the name is a no reply blogger. It means I have to draw again because there is no way to contact that winner! So far this time I've only caught two on my Traveling Stash giveaway (deadline is Tuesday if you want to play!) but I wanted to give you guys a heads up so you can do something about it. So here goes:

Crafty Chrissy
Cindy Sharp
You are both "no-reply bloggers"! Please check out one of the following instructional posts on how to change it. There are tons of them on the internet but I wanted to post links to a few so you'd have a direct route!

If you are using Google +, check here.

Don't forget to check back Monday morning for the reveal post for my Mystery Round Robin!! I can't wait to share it with you all, and Michele will be hosting from her blog over at Quilts From My Crayon Box. She has a list of the participants and I will also have that list of links to all of these blogs so you can make sure to check out what everyone did and how their blocks ended up.


Cindy Sharp said...

Can you talk to me now? Thanks for the info.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I reply to every comment on my blog. I'm usually finished with a reply when I notice that it is a no-reply person. AND they are usually the people that ask me questions. I'm sure they wonder why I don't answer them.

Michele said...

I'm glad so many are on the band wagon again to spread the word about these NRBers. I too found that many have no idea. Unfortuntately I think it will be a problem we can never totally erase.

CAN'T WAIT until Monday!