Thursday, November 8, 2012

Resolutions 2.0

I was reading a few blogs yesterday and noticed Jenn over at Jenn of All Trades had struck something off her list of resolutions. Hmm...resolutions...that sounds very familiar. Didn't I come up with a list of resolutions at some point in time? So I dug around in my January posts and came across the list. I thought I'd give my own update. Then I read them. Oh my, this might get ugly. Very, very ugly.

1. Make one quilt per month  (no comment)
2. Complete at least 3 UFO's in the year. (again, no comment. Well, I completed at least one.)
3. Practice more FMQ (okay, I have done this...not a lot, but some)
4. Participate in at least one bee, swap, etc. (participated in the Rainbow Layer Cake at Distant Pickles, Mystery Round Robin & currently in Quilt U Be Mine Round Robin at Quilts from My Crayon Box, etc.)
5. Participate in at least one quilt along (I am still working on completing my Yule Pop from the Soda Pop quilt along at Sew Allegorical. Yes, the quilt along is over but I'm not done yet.)

I also wanted to learn to use a long arm quilter; I never figured out how to get access to one. I wanted to be more precise with my quilting, which I think is a daily practice. I also wanted to write my own pattern. No progress on this one.

In the process I came up with a  few personal goals.
1. To become healthier (this primarily meant weight loss and increasing exercise. Nyet on both.)
2. To maintain BALANCE in my life (there have been significant ups and downs with this goal. We've lost several family members this year, and I made two large quilts in a short amount of time which shorted out my mojo, but got back into theater which has made me a happier person!)
3. To have more confidence in myself, whether it be crafty, as a parent, etc. (This is also one that I work on daily.)

Okay, so I seemed to have done better on the quilting ones than the personal ones.


felice said...

Well, be warned I have not actually done this yet...but if you want to learn how to long arm quilt check out the local quilting shops...especially those that offer long arm quilting services. Some of the shops offer lessons and rental of the equipment. I also located a place called Techshop which offers lessons and access to a whole bunch of equipment (for sewing and other stuff too.) I have gleaned from blog hopping that some of the big long arm quilt machine producers offer classes with certification ...but those would require classes. In fairness I live in a metropolitan area so there are 5 or 6 options within and hour or two drive... good luck!

Michele said...

Well considering that you have other important things and people in your life and you've been doing a lot of theater this year, something certainly had to wait. Hopefully you'll get a bit mor sewing done in the coming months.