Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just Making Whoopie...Pies, that is!

My birthday was Friday and Monday is my daughter's birthday. I know. What's crazier is that hubby's birthday is this coming Friday. That's just the way we roll. Now if I could have gotten my son's birthday a little closer I'd probably have gone insane... but luckily his is in February! Anyway, I want to be hard at work in my sewing room last night, but instead I was hard at work making whoopie pies to take to school for my daughter's birthday. I haven't even heard yet if I'm allowed to go as well or if she only wants the pies.
I made chocolate whoopie pies with salty peanut butter filling, courtesy of Bakerella who posted this recipe, and a big thank you to the authors of the Whoopie Pies cookbook where she got the recipe in the first place.
We also had David's brother and future sister-in-law over to watch the game so I had spaghetti sauce in the crock pot. Ever had one of those days where you wonder what blew up all over your kitchen? Yup, I definitely had one of those!
Then when dinner was over I noticed this...
Candle wax! I am not a happy camper! Does anyone have a miracle cure for getting candle wax out of fabric?


Jamie Lee said...

Oh no, that has happened to me too many times with little kids blowing out candles or sticking their fingers in soft wax and wiping it all over a tablerunner I labored over!!!

I looked online when it happened and I put the waxy side facedown on an old washcloth on the ironing board and pressed from the other side trying to melt as much wax off as I could. The wax in question was orange on cream fabric, so some of the oils had bled into the fabric and tinged it orange. So I used a stain remover called "Zout" and a toothbrush and then washed it in warm water in the washing machine. Not sure if you can do that, but you could soak the block in hot water. It removed about 90% off the stain. I still entered the tablerunner in the county fair and even with the slight staining it won 2nd place. It was cute!

Good luck with removing the stain and hope this helps!

Michele said...

Oh boy. I hope Jamie Lee's suggestion helps.

Did you make enough Whoopie Pies to share with us?

KellyS said...

I looked on the internet and came across this website:

Hopefully you can get it out! Good luck!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Oh, so sorry about the wax. Hope the whoopie pies came out nice. we have 14 Birthdays in 6 weeks, starting mid march. Crazy! Mother's day hits about a week after that.