Monday, November 12, 2012

Psst!!!...Don't Tell Anyone But...

I actually sewed last night! I know that sounds crazy but I was so excited to get back behind my machine again. I finished sewing all the charm squares together for my Yule Pop. Now I just need to decide on a color for the bubbles and get those done.

This was made from 3 charm packs of Jovial I won as a door prize at my LQS last year. I my hit it with some borders to make it a bit bigger even though I plan for it to be a throw for the couch.

I also decided to get some other things sewn together that have been sitting for a while. I've got one up on the design board now, read for me to sew the blocks together for a top. I've just decided that a few things are just going to have to be donated. I will never get out from under the chaos if they aren't. I had hoped that we would have ended up with one of my nieces' names for Christmas so I could finish off a few more quilts for them (I'm trying to make one for each of them) but we got our names for Christmas this weekend and that didn't work out for me.

My quilting guild is holding their Chinese Auction tonight and I am so anxious. We're also drawing for our big quilt and I want it so badly! Think positive thoughts for me! Here it is in case you forgot what it looks like.

I found out from Julie over at Distant Pickles that I won the Traveling Stash. Yahoo! It should arrive tomorrow and I will be able to dig around and see what I can find to help my stash. I hope to have my big post about it by the end of the week so make sure to come back if you're interested in being the next person on the list for it! I got it yesterday, have already picked what I want from it and will have a post up for the giveaway tomorrow (Thursday) so come back and check it out!

I think I mentioned that I received my Mystery Round Robin block back and I LOVE IT! The reveal for that is coming up next week so stick around for that as well.

As if there's not enough going on with sewing, quilting, the play, etc., it dawned on me the other day that my speech therapy license is up for renewal this year. I usually try to take 10 hours each year and that keeps me up to date, but for some dumb reason I didn't do that last year. And now it's November and I have 20 hours to take before the end of the year. YUCK! I am taking some free online classes but they are a pain and only give you 2 or 3 hours. I have taken 3 classes in the last week in every free moment I can find but I only have 7 hours so far. ARGH!! So it's about to get frantic with that right before it gets frantic with Christmas!

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Michele said...

Nice that you are getting back to sewing. I really need to do that. Tomorrow for sure!