Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spa Party

I finally got around to throwing my daughter a party for her 11th birthday. She wanted a slumber party and invited several friends. Two got sick and couldn't come but it was still fun and crazy. We sort of did a spa theme and incorporated several of those types of activities.

The biggest hit was "Spin the Bottle." I bought enough nail polish from the dollar store that each girl could go home with one. I ended up with 5 different colors and a total of 8 bottles. I placed all of them in a bag, pulled one and spun it on the table. The girl it pointed to had to paint one fingernail that color. She would then pull the color for the next spin. I really thought the girls would bore with this but they got frustrated with me because I finally had to let them finish up the nails so we could watch the movie (The Princess Bride, of course!). They all ended up with very colorful fingernails.

We did oatmeal facials from a teaspoon each of olive oil and honey, mixed with cooked oatmeal; the exfoliate mask here. The girls thought this was hilarious. Hard to get a good picture when they're laughing!

I picked up a set of little paint pots from Hobby Lobby for $2 with a coupon and we made vaseline/kool aid lip balm.

I picked up a couple of Mad Libs from the book store, as well as a pack of Smencils. Smencils are fun if you've never heard of them. Pencils that smell. My favorites are cinnamon and black cherry. One of the Mad Libs was specifically about slumber parties so I figured that worked well.

Their little go home bags will consist of headbands I picked up at the grocery store to keep their hair back from the facials, 2 pots of lip balm, a bottle of fingernail polish, and a Smencil. I am not big on sending home a bag of junk so I kind of liked that it could all be used.

I had originally ordered a pack of materials from Candytiles shop on Etsy to have the girls create their own glass tile necklaces. I ordered them on Saturday the 3rd. However, I received an email on THURSDAY to say that they had only just been sent out that day. I'm not sure why it takes 5 days to send out a little pack of tiles. I was not happy because they will not arrive until this Tuesday. I don't foresee there being anything wrong with the package of goodies but I hate that they couldn't get them out in a timely manner. It may have something to do with when Paypal actually sent them their money but I find it strange that it would take 5 days. Very disappointed. Even with this setback, the party went over with a bang so all was well!

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Michele said...

Sound really fin. I'll have to remember that idea when my girl is a bit older.

I love the goody bag items. My 2 both have birthdays coming up and I'm trying to think of something other than the crap that we ususally get from other parties. I refuse to waste money on that type of stuff.