Friday, June 10, 2011

All about Sewing...

Check it out...
Amy's Creative Side - Sewing with Kids

Since I already started embroidery with mine, I'm excited about this one!

As a sidenote, got my JAM stripe in from SewLux so I can finally finish the last strip on my Embroidery 101 squares! And the shop just called for me to pick up my sewing machine. As my daughter would say, "Best. Day. Ever!"

Hey! There's my jam stripe but where did that other fabric come from? Wow, wasn't that nice? Some extra fat quarters just happened to appear in my package. I wonder how that happened? (Ahem, cough, cough, um, ordered it, cough, er, uh, yeah).
Also dealing with sewing, I noticed Katy at I'm a Ginger Monkey got herself a new little treat today; a vintage Singer! What was strange about it is that I'm sitting 3 feet away from one owned by hubbie's grandmas. Okay, so we got the table and the Singer from a grandmother and a great grandmother but I don't know which came from which. The sewing table was bad. It was very bad. Putrid green color. Very very bad. So hubbie stripped and refinished it to this.
Bad lighting in the dining room, sorry. Needless to say, it looks mucho better. Anyway, it's a table for a full sized machine, but the machine is a travel Singer, so he had to do some adjustments.

Here she is. And see that line around the edge of her? Like I said, the table was meant for a bigger machine so hubbie had to add some wood to make sure the travel one would fit. I feel kind of guilty. Katy's is all shined up and pretty. Ours is kind of on the dusty side. I think it still works. I wouldn't even know how to use it. My MIL still has her old Singer as well. Katy's right. They just don't make 'em like they used to.
You know what's funny? Hubbie's great grandmother was a seamstress, and his grandmother and mom both sewed. MY great grandmother? She worked in the cotton mills making fabric. My mom still has a shuttle from a loom at the mill. And now I quilt. Hmmm... makes you think.

Oh, last minute thought (but not because of a lack of importance!). Do check out SwimBikeQuilt's project to provide quilts for kids. You can donate in your own community so don't worry that she is out of Washington. It runs from 9/15 to 10/15 so there's plenty of time. Get your quilt on and make a child happy!


Linz said...

COOL Singer!!! That is awesome! Glad your machine is done! YAY!!! Best day ever!! :)

Mitzi said...

See, this quilting and sewing is in your blood! Mine is too! Love the Singer. It's awesome, and so glad your machine is ready to pick up! Now you can sew ALL weekend long.

Jenniffier said...

That little singer is so cute and the table looks great!