Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update from Yesterday

Okay, so yesterday I posted this block that I wasn't too happy with.
I wasn't completely pleased with it so I moved some things around and came up with another option.

It's still busy with fabrics but I don't get a feeling of their being overpowering colors present. It's just a calmer version, I guess. We'll see. I still may throw it to the side and pick out completely different fabrics. Who knows?

I am planning a giveaway coming up in a  week or two. I am about to reach 100 posts and 5000 hits around the same time so I am very excited! I thought I'd celebrate it with a giveaway. I am currently getting ideas and putting it together so stay tuned!


Sharon said...

I hope you don't mind my opinion, but I think the blue flower on the green fabric throws off the balance a little bit, otherwise I really like both of the blocks.

I still need to make my first block. I'm not good with choosing fabrics of different values so this will be a challenge for me.

Linz said...

I still need to make my first block too! Hopefully I can find fabrics that work! :) Good luck with yours too!!

Mindy said...

Oooh--that's pretty, too! You're right, it's a "calmer" version this way. ;-)