Sunday, June 5, 2011

Relaxing on Sunday

Not a lot of sewing going on here but I have been busy. So far I've cut out 188 hexie shapes so I'll have something to do later next month when we go to the beach. I like being prepared when we have a long drive ahead. Usually I take crossword puzzles for me and hubbie, as well as one of the card containers from the Trivial Pursuit game. That usually keeps us occupied. Oh, and our iPods. We are both podcast addicts. But I thought I'd like to take along some things that would make me feel productive. So I'm taking hexies, and if I can ever get them done, some of my Embroidery 101 squares to be embroidered. I like things that travel when you can't really take the old sewing machine.
I actually got a stack of fabric cut already too. I just used some of my bigger scraps so it's actually turned into a bit of a stash buster, which is nice.
Yesterday I got a little goodie in the mail. Did anyone else visit the greenbaglady during the Giveaway Day? Well, I did and she sent me a free bag to make and one to give away. She strongly encourages being 'green' by sending out fabric to others so they can make their own bags for shopping. The bag she made and sent is cute, but I love the fabric she sent for me to make one.

I think I'm going to add some of my fabric to make the handles a little longer so I can carry it on my shoulder. Not sure who I'll give the other one to. I have cloth bags already, some of which I've had for about 20 or so years. I've had mine since before they were 'trendy' or 'green'. I just like them. I have some the say "Earth bags" and I have some newer ones my hubbie got me from drug reps (he's a pharmacist). The ones he got me are cool because they are those nice lined bags for refrigerated items. Love 'em! But back to GreenLady's bag. I may take it with me to the grocery store and offer it to someone there. I like doing good deeds at stores. I always overpring coupons for Hobby Lobby and offer them at the register; I also like to cut out coupons I don't use and leave them on the item in the store. Maybe someone can use it.

Hope you have a nice relaxing Sunday! Thing 2 and I are alone. Thing 1 spent the night next door with a friend and hubbie went on a trip with his dad today. Car shows! Anyway, Thing 2 is adamant that he play under the sprinkler today so I may take some more hexies outside to cut. See you guys tomorrow!

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