Saturday, June 4, 2011

It Is What It Is!

Okay, so after all my drama yesterday with my incorrect cutting, I finally had to suck it up and order more fabric online. Sigh... but I'm over it! Onward and upward, you can't cry over spilled milk, it's water under the bridge, yada yada yada. However, it ended up that I was able to pick up a few extras without too much trouble after all! I thought I would only be able to get the tomato stripe in a 1/2 yard; however, after playing around on the SewLuxe site I was able to figure out I could get it a fat quarter of it instead. If I had gotten the 1/2 yard I would have paid $4.10 + $5.00 for S/H. Instead, I got a fat quarter of it, and a 1/2 yard each of Maybe Tangerine
Maybe in Tangerine
and Bubble Burst Turqoise
 Bubble Burst in Turquoise
from Maria Horner's Innocent Crush. I was excited because my next design of my own is using blue and orange (yes, I know that's a bit more turqoise than blue but go with me here!). So instead of $9.10, I spent $13.05, but for only $4 more I got another 1/2 yard and a fat quarter. I consider that not too bad. When they come in I'll start collecting for the quilt in orange and blue.
I took the kids to the pool yesterday and ended up getting a bit burned. It is some kind of hot down here in GA! I didn't end up getting a lot of actual sewing done but I ended up being amazed at just how awesome you people in the quilting blog world can be. I ended up having some great email-ey conversation with Marlene from KissedQuilts about creating patterns; she is very knowledgeable. And her work is gorgeous. Check her out if you haven't already. Also, after all my griping about the tomato stripe, someone offered to help. I was amazed that someone who lives over 2000 miles from me was on her phone trying to locate that crazy fabric for me so she could send it to from where she lives! Isn't that cool? Linz, you rock!
I also got my Hideaway in the mail from CrazyQuiltGirl yesterday. She was very quick on the draw considering this was only a four day work week! Thank you Corinna! I love it! I'd have used you again for my Just Wing It I need but you only carry it in precuts.

This is the German/Austrian fabric for my baby quilt I'm making for November. It is just so cute and the colors are beautiful. I really like it; the colors are very gender neutral. There are greens, yellows, some blues, some reds.
You know for someone who needed to curb spending, I need to try harder to curb and actually produce something!

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Jenniffier said...

Ok so this post is kinda funny to me. When I bought my kit from SewLux I couldn't resist the fat quarter pack that had the same orange fabric :)