Friday, June 3, 2011

I Messed up...and I the same day!

Okay, so let's do the mess up first so I can end on a happier note. I was cutting up the beautiful fabric I won from the Clover & Violet giveaway. It's for their Embroidery 101 quiltalong. Well, every piece is cut exactly the same. You would think this would be a no brainer. I kid you not, next to the last piece and instead of cutting the strip 6 inches, I cut it 5. Hello? What was I thinking? Where was my brain? Apparently not with me at the time. Argh and double argh.
I'm one of those people who is very hard on myself; can you tell? The other week when I broke my sewing machine and got a virus on my laptop? Yup, blamed myself for both things. Hubbie had to do some talking me down off the ledge when I had to turn both of those puppies in for repairs.
So what am I missing? Well, let's take a looksee, shall we?

See how I matched them all up to see what I still needed? One strip. One 18"x3" strip of the tomato stripe material. And guess what? I called one of the nearest quilt shops and they only carry it in jelly rolls and charm packs. Drat. I had an email in to another shop but they don't carry Moda at all. Double drat. If anyone knows of someone that is doing this quilt along and may have an extra bit of it about that long, please let me know! I looked to see what I had that was name brand that I could trade (I don't always buy name brand!) and I do have two 9x22 inch pieces of Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope in Blue (the stripe with rows of polka dots) and two 9x22 inch pieces of Daisy Bunch in brown.

If there's interest, I'd love to trade! I don't want to have to buy 1/2 a yard to get one strip, and I don't even have enough scraps to make a strip that long. I also have a variety of small pieces I picked up during Shop Hop that I would be willing to trade if anyone has any of the fabric I need.

Thanks for looking. If worse comes to worst, I will just try to find a fabric that matches the others and change out that color. Sigh... I hate messing up.

Oh well, at least everything else is cut correctly. See?

Well, except for the white. I haven't cut the white yet. Let's just not go there. I don't think I could take it.

On a more positive note, I won some more fabric! I won the Japanese fabric offered by Leila for the kickoff of her Skillbuilder Sampler quiltalong. Man, what is it with me and quiltalongs? Anyway, I was so very excited because I have a friend I used to work with who is finally having a baby in November. He is Japanese/American and his wife's family is from Austria/Germany. I remember him coming in to tell me about a trip they were taking to Austria to visit his wife's family. He was trying to learn some German and thought maybe I could help him with his vowels. No, that's not kinky-weird; I'm a speech-pathologist by trade. When I'm working. Which is not now. And hopefully not anytime soon. Even  though hubbie asked about it the other day. Just so I can feed my quilting habit... ANYWAY!...
I got this idea to make them a baby quilt that incorporates how this baby will be a 'coming together' of their two cultures. I scavenged the fabric internet and came across Hideaway by Moda. Have you seen it? So very cute. So I ordered two charm packs of that.
I think technically it's supposed to be Switzerland but their sort of close and both places have villages and make clocks. It works, see?  I had decided to wait until they announced if it was a boy or a girl before choosing Japanese fabric. I was kind of excited about the Japanese fabric. I've almost never seen Japanese fabric I didn't like. So, I was going to wait, but God had another plan. He just decided to drop it in my lap! He's just cool like that. Especially when I need to cool it on my spending on quilting goodies.
Here's what she's sending me. I may have to be careful but I think I can get away with it for either gender. They're supposed to find out next week so I'll have a better idea.  But I'm excited. Again. Creating does that to me.

Ooh! One last thing. Our Walmart is remodeling so they were moving their fabric area around. I don't know why remodeling resulted in a fabric sale, but I'm not arguing. Lots of stuff for $1, $1.50, $2 a yard. I picked up 6.33 yards of material for $6.33 dollars (yeah, would have gotten more but for that whole curbing the quilt spending thing.
Not sure why everything has black and white in it. They had some springy colors but I wasn't sure what they would match. I may have to go back though. I sold some of the kids old clothes to a friend so there's a check in my purse that's burning a hole!


Mitzi said...

Love the fabrics you found at The Walmarts. Surprises me.

Linz said...

I am SO sorry that you misscut that piece! How frustrating! I wish I had some to send you! I'll peek at my LQS next time I'm there!

Congrats on winning again! You are on a hot streak!! :) I laughed out loud at the vowel comment! How funny! :)

Jenniffier said...

Wow you have been lucky with giveaways. I am sorry to hear about your fabric cutting mistake, that is exactly why I don't like that part of the project. I emailed you the link to for buying the half yard before I realized that you didn't want a whole half-yard.

Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...

I do the same thing! I used two different fat quarters for the cutting diagram and messed them both up...and it was my cutting plan! Glad you got everything straightened out though!