Monday, June 13, 2011

Productivity Report: Poor

Okay, so not much got done this weekend on the quilting front. We were at ballet dress rehearsal for 3 HOURS (count 'em, THREE) Saturday night. My neighbor's girls were also in it so they were there. She was teasing me about never sitting still. See, I took hexies to the rehearsal. But you know what? I got 45 of them done while I was waiting.
These were supposed to be for me to do on the way to the beach but I have altered what I'm doing for that. I'm working on a design for combining a red and white quilt base with a hexagon design.
Here's a little preview...

What do you think? I'm going to use this as the center and do some side designs, as well as some smaller medallion type designs in the corners. Hubbie said I had to stop doodling if I wanted to keep it under 10 feet wide!
Okay, so this next part is kind of for Jennifer because she commented on my hubbie's vintage Singer and table. I mentioned that we also have hubbie's grandparent's very first toaster but I'm not sure she understood when I was explaining it. So here are some pictures.
I told her it was open on all sides.
I decided to offer up a piece of bread to the cause to show you how it works (it's the heel, so no one would eat it anyway!).  So first you open up one of the sides and place your bread in the toaster.

Close that side and add bread to the other side. Then allow it to cook. Only the center generated heat.

So when your bread was sufficiently toasted on one side, you flipped it.

Then cook the other side and you're done. Wow, we've come a long way, Baby!


Linz said...

That's a very cool design!! And getting 45 hexies done during a rehersal IS awesome productivity!!!

Jenniffier said...

Wow that is fabulous! I am in love with that toaster. It even cooks upside down. Thanks for posting for me :)

- Jenn

sukie said...

I love hexies!! Yours look great! And for that toaster. . man that's ole' skool!