Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Purse...and Life with Kids

Travel Handmade with The Sewing Summit

So I got another purse done. I thought I gave it up without getting a picture of it but remembered that I'd sent her a text of it so here you go.

Not the greatest picture, but it's pretty much exactly like this purse I made the other week. It's based on the Hobo dance bag, but I boxed out the bottom like the Phoebe bag. I also added a magnetic clasp.

As for the other topic, I have been thinking this morning. There are certain "givens" when you have children.

1. When a child is moving through the house with an object in hand, said object will be dropped to the floor (wherever he/she might be) when he/she becomes disinterested with it (or if someone calls for the ice cream truck, or something else of similar high interest level).
2. The top to the toothpaste in the children's bathroom will never be put back on the toothpaste again unless you have the gumption to do it yourself.
3. At times, you will not be able to locate the top to the toothpaste in the children's bathroom (note: check the floor).
4. Stray toothpaste will adorn the sink and counter in the children's bathroom; get used to it.
5. You will never again be on time for any event to which they are also invited.
6. Even after repeatedly being told to put things away where they belong so that said child will know where to find them the next time (we're talking at least 100,000 times), and even after bearing witness to the credence of this (having it proven time and again), the child will be unable to locate said objects when it is imperative that it be located in the next 5 minutes or the world will come to an end.
7. Even after having the "BEST DAY EVER" which includes a long list of fabulous events, wonderful foods, best company, and more fun than could possibly be imagined, it takes only one infintessimal moment to create the "WORST DAY EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!" (i.e., time for bath, time for bed, some undesirable food item for supper,...)
8. Children suffer from selective listening, selective vision, and selective understanding (poor dears).
9. Inanimate objects are to blame (or will be blamed) for most mishaps around the home.

Which leads me to today's event. Apparently my kitchen floor has a sweet tooth. And these cravings only appear to occur just after I've cleaned it. Yesterday I spent much of my time cleaning while Thing 1 was at Girl Scout camp all day and Thing 2 was at Science Camp in the a.m. and the neighbor's house in the afternoon. This morning, my floor revolted against me and send out seekers for it's sweets attack. The result? Thing 1 was able to provide it with lemonade...twice. And as all of us moms know, anything with sugar in it that has been spilled on the floor takes no less than 10 moppings and half a week to stop being sticky. I'm currently on mopping #5. And I'm not happy. The floor can take it's cravings somewhere else for all I care.

Need a laugh when you've had a bad mom day? Do check out Jana at http://themeanestmom.blogspot.com/. She makes me laugh. Out loud. A lot. And when I feel like my kids think I'm a horrible mom, I just go read about Jana's life and I feel better. Or at least content to know that I am not the only one. Jana has a literature degree and her writing is superb. She can make the most mundane events amazing to read about.


Linz said...

Very cute purse!

And every number on the list is so true! lol!!

Jenniffier said...

Very nice purse and interesting musings about children.