Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Mind is Racing...

Where do you guys get your ideas for projects? I never cease to be amazed where ideas originate for me. After seeing the cute embroidery ideas out there I got to wondering where people get their drawing ideas, and wishing I was a better drawer? artist. Then I took the kids to Burger King of all places. Have you seen the crowns lately? They have the BK kids on them.

They're actually kind of cute. In fact, that's sort of where I got the idea for the little embroidery drawings I did of Thing 1 and Thing 2. Not exactly, but close. There are also animals...

And monsters.

I was thinking it might be cute to come up with some kind of Halloween quilt from the monster characters (plus more).  Just an idea.

Also, my Japanese fabric finally came in and it's perfect! I put it with the Hideaway and the colors just all blend together perfectly. I think it would be great for either gender so I'm in the clear.
These are the fabrics I am meshing together for the Japanese/Austrian baby quilt. I love how the colors all seem to blend together. The Japanese fairy tale fabrics seem to go perfectly with the Bavarian village look of the Hideaway fabric. I can almost see Hansel and Gretel living in a home like that. Funny how the fairy tale fabrics are supposed to be Japanese but they depict German stories (Hansel and Gretel), French stories (Puss in Boots and Red Riding Hood), and there's a princess in there as well! So we're just going to depict several cultures.

I'm still waiting (impatiently) for the return of my sewing machine. I'm ready to finish my sister's quilt. I want to be able to report some finished projects next week! Arrggh!

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Kate said...

You're right, they look great with Hideaway! I saw some Little Mermaid in mine - so Danish fairy tales, too.