Friday, July 1, 2011

All These Kid Stories!

I'm loving all the kid stories people are telling on my giveaway post. Check it out here if you need a laugh or want to enter. Today is the last day and I will be drawing a winner (s???) at 6:00 pm tonight. I hope to get it posted tonight as we will be packing the car for a 4 + hour drive tomorrow! But I'm hoping to take prizes with me to mail out from my sister's house! Oh, and if you're looking for another giveaway, check out Jess and her Accuquilt Go! Baby giveaway here. Stick around and check out her blog. She's working on a beautiful double wedding ring quilt right now.

Anyway, I was enjoying reading the comments and I realized that I told a lot of cute 'my kid' stories while I was responding so here are a few.

Thing 1 (9 year old daughter)
1. My daughter, who is 9 and has a great vocabulary, surprised me the other day when she was fussing about her brother. It wasn't surprising that she was fussing about her brother. That's a daily occurrence, but she looked at me and said, "It's because he's just so ovnoxious!"
2. I don't remember if I told this one before but recently I was listening to my iPod in the car and "We are the Normal" by the GooGoo Dolls came on. My daughter asked me, "Why are they singing, 'We are the lawn gnomes?'

Thing 2 (5 year old son)
1. I just got a new (used) car but my hubbie had to take in for them to fix a little something on the paint Thursday morning. I guess I didn't tell the kids because we went to leave for swim lessons and he opened the door to the garage and said, "Mom! Somebody stole the car!" The funniest part was his tone of voice; it wasn't like he was freaked out or anything. It was more like he was yelling, "Hey mom, I can't find my t-shirt!"
I also have silly moments with hubbie, sometimes at the kids expense (not in a bad way!)

1. This one actually happened Thursday while the kids and I were out at Joann's. My son yelled out something in the store and I was so tickled I had to text hubbie.

     me: need a laff? ur son just picked up a pirate hook & yelled "I'm Captain Fuzzy Balls" in Joann's!
     hubbie: No, he's not mine.

2.  When I emailed hubbie to tell him about Thing 2 saying the car had been stolen, he emailed back, "Makes you feel safe to have a man in the house, huh?"

Hope you have a good laugh today!


Linz said...

hahahaha!!! Your kids sound awesome! Give Capt. Fuzzy Balls a high-five from me! ;)

Jenniffier said...

Thanks for the smile :)