Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quilt Deliveries!

Well, I finally delivered Random Reflections to my sister while we were there visiting.
I also did a quick trip to my parent's house Friday night and Saturday morning for a Fun Run and quilt delivery of Reagan's quilt. My cousin and his wife sponsored a Fun Run and walk to raise money for the Center for Courageous Kids in Kentucky in honor of their daughter who died last year. I was asked to present the quilt while we were there. I only did a small presentation at the run, but took some time to write out the story behind the quilt for them later. Luckily my aunt and uncle live next door to my parents so mom and I went by to deliver the letter and visit my family. My cousins, sister, and I got to do some visiting which is nice since we don't always get to see each other like we would like and since we all grew up together.
I've been toying around with my challenge block for the Skill Builder Sampler. Several people posted on my flickr page that they would like to see it as a quilt, so I came up with one. I've got to figure out the math, but once things slow down on all of these quilt alongs, I might try to do it as one. I said I would do the X quilt as a quilt along but when I tried to write it out it became very long and complicated. So maybe I need to start with one that's simpler! What do you think?


Linz said...

I am so glad you got to deliver your special quilts! I am sure they loved them!

As for X, if a quilt a long doesn't work - maybe you should think about writting it out as a pattern and sell it! I bet you'd make a ton! :)

And yes, I would also love to see your block as a quilt! It would be so cool to see how it grows!

Mitzi said...

So glad you're back in town and had a good trip. I know your cousins were honored to receive the quilt you made in memory of their daughter.

Amy said...

Good to hear you got the quilt delivered.