Sunday, July 31, 2011

Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild, Some Progress, and Hormones!

It's fun meeting people in real life that you only know from the blogging world! My friend Mitzi and I attended the meeting of the Atlanta Modern Quilting Guild today. During the course of the meeting, one of the members mentioned her email address and I immediately looked over at Mitzi and said, "I've been to her blog!" Her name is Chris from I was so jealous to hear she's going to get to attend the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City. This will be October 7-9th. What a cool weekend that would be! But I'll have to find something like that a little closer to home.
And as far as my progress goes, I finished my bowtie block for the Skill Builder Series.

Okay, about the hormones. I'm sure Thing 1 would die if she knew I was writing this so I will tread lightly. I don't know if I'm going to live through her ascent into puberty. It's bad; really, really bad. She is only 9 and the hormones are already just wreaking havoc with her judgment and her ability to make decisions. It is like PMS on crack. Twice now she's been at slumber parties and one small trigger sent her into an emotional crying wreck. She hides within the house and avoids interaction with her friends, cannot see reason, and has a lot of trouble bringing herself 'down' from emotional hysteria. I love her dearly and I truly hate that she is having to go through this so early. I did too, so I knew the possibility was very high.
It's just so hard to get her to understand that her hormones are what is clouding her ability to see the truth. She insisted that her friend's mother hated her which is so untrue. I'm just sort of at a loss right as to how to help her work through it. Luckily all we are really dealing with at this precise moment is hormones and how they make her feel. Sigh...., I try not to argue things that are divinely decided, but I find it difficult to understand why a 9 year old should even have to be exposed to this yet. I did do some reading and some science points to our children being exposed too early to large amounts of hormones (such as estrogen) in milk, foods, and hair products.

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Linz said...

Oh, your poor sweet daughter!! ANd poor sweet you! Don't worry - only 40 more years until she hits menopause... ;) But seriously, somehow we survived, and I'm sure, with a sweet mom like you, she will make it through too. Hang in there!

On another note - I LIVE in Utah, and cannot attend the Summit. Grrr...

Your block is so awesome, btw!! Love it!