Saturday, July 16, 2011

Slow and Steady, and Get it Ready!

I feel like I fell off the planet there for a couple of days, but I've been working on my DS tutorial. I wanted to makes sure it's correct before I post it so I wanted to at least make the one for Thing 2 so I can double check all my instructions.
Otherwise I have been doing a little work. I have tons to get done but have been unmotivated to do much other than hexies or embroidery. I finally figured it out. My sewing room is in the basement and I live in Georgia. Need I say more? It's HOT down there! I made myself go down yesterday afternoon to work on my Skillbuilder Block and I thought I would sweat to death before I finished. I think I'm going to have to get a fan to get anything done.
My first attempt at pinwheels. I don't think it's too bad!
I have also been working hard on my red and white hexie top. I finally got tired of making hexies in batches so I sat down and made a ton of each so I didn't have to keep stopping to make more. Someone asked me if I was actually following a pattern or if I was just randomly putting them together. I know it looks random right now but it's a pattern. It looks random because I completely did the center, then I started adding to the right, up, move, etc. The erratic part is how I'm putting it together, not the pattern itself.
That point at the top really is the top and there will be a point at the bottom like that as well. I still have to finish the right side and the top, then do the left side and the bottom.

I also got my picture drawn on my fabric for the Embroidery 101; I just haven't started it yet.

Have you been busy?


Linz said...

Your pinwheels look awesome!!! SO cute! And I am amazed at the hexie progress! Wow!!

That embroidery quilt is going to be absolutley beautiful!! Way to go girl!!

Mitzi said...

You could always bring the sewing machine upstairs and plop it right on the kitchen table!