Monday, July 4, 2011

Fireworks; Inside and Out

I love getting my kids together with their cousins because they all love each other so much and we don't always get to see each other a lot. However, there always comes a point where there are issues. My sister's eldest daughter like the idea of 'teams' where the oldest two are pitted against the younger kids. This never goes over well. Plus, my youngest niece always wants to be paired with my daughter, so in essence, my daughter is being fought over...and she never likes it. She has some friends at school who are both HER friends but don't necessarily like each other. She hates it when they try to make her choose between them. So if she ever feels like she's being made to choose at all, she gets very upset.
Otherwise, we have been having a fairly pleasant visit. And I've been sewing! I've been working on hexies so, IF I can get my stuff posted Wednesday on Lee's WiP at Freshly Pieced, I will have some stuff to show! I'm also going to try to hit a LQS tomorrow to look at Riley Blake fabric. Have you heard about the contest?
I have never used Riley Blake, but then again, I am still a newbie quilter.


Jenniffier said...

oh you will like riley blake fabrics if you use them. They have a great texture :) One of my favorite brands!

Linz said...

My daughter has some cousins who fight over her too. It's tough all around, so sorry for that dynamic! Glad you are having fun, though! good luck with the riley blake quilt! They have great lines!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I've been quilting for almost 10 years, and I've only seen Riley Blake fabrics on blogs so far. When we were kids, and also my kids and their cousins, it was oldest and youngest against the middle kids. Always seemed to work well that way.