Saturday, October 8, 2011

Belated FMQ Practice!

Okay, so I'm a little late to the party here but I came across the fabulous idea Fluffy Sheep Quilting had here about practicing FMQ using various techniqes. This week was Shadow Waves from Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project. I just did it before I posted this (primarily because, as I said, I'm late finding it) so I can't say it looks all that great, but the point is to practice, right? Right! I have only done FMQ on my machine twice. Once for loops on a donation quilt, and once for flowers on my Diamond Chains quilt. Both times the movements were rather big and broad, or more fluid in nature so I'm looking to make some improvements!
Here is the front of my Shadow Waves.

I know, I know. Not very 'wavy'. It's funny. You think you're making waves until you back up and look at it. But that's the whole point of practice, right? Right!
Here's the back.

Yes, I know one strand ends midstream. I didn't notice my thread got off track and I ended up with HUGE eyelashes which I just cut out since it was just a practice piece.

Things I'm learning.
  • It takes a lot of practice.
  • I desperately need an extension table off of my machine. Here is my current insane set up.
I pile my embroidery floss containers up all around the sewing machine so it's all raised.
  • I do not like that my machine does not have an automatic down position for the needle. Very aggravating.
But otherwise, I like the idea of getting in some practice on this. It's the only way to get it.
Gotta go check out how everyone else did over at Fluffy Sheep!


M-R said...

Looking really good, Melinda! Keep practicing and you will get better and better. i let myself get discouraged several years ago and stopped trying. When I finally decided to have another go at it, I picked a quilt pattern and material that I didn't care too much about and did a different pattern in each section. That way, if I really didn't like doing a pattern, i knew that I only had a small section to do and could try something new soon. This worked beautifully for me and I'm finding that I'm getting much better results now. I'm sooo glad I gave it another go. Good luck!

Collette said...

I like your practices! They look good and similar to mine! x

Lynn said...

Well done you, better late than never.

Cindy said...

We're all learning and we'll all improve. The most important thing is that we tried and we've learned a few things. You, indeed, need a better set up (although yours is super creative!). We'll keep practicing, but it absolutely seems like you're on the right track! So glad you joining in with us :)

mammafairy said...

I think you did well. The Thick and thin concept comes out strongly in your piece, and I think we all found the curves difficult to put in. Lets face it I have spent umpty years trying to sew in straight lines, is it any surprise waves and curves are not automatic?
But it is fun, no?

the yellowhouse gardener said...

I have a small computer desk that I got at walmart for my sewing table. The keyboard rack underneath is very close to the perfect depth for my machine. I cut a hole through the top with a jigsaw that was as close to the outline of my machine as I could get and presto! I had a servicable sewing table for $30. I also use a teflon cover so the quilts slide easily.