Monday, October 17, 2011

Diamond Chains Quilt Along: The Wrap Up

So today is the day! It is finally over! I am very happy with the results everyone had and I'm so pleased that there were some brave souls out there who ventured out with me on my first attempt at a quilt along.
Here is the original idea that started it all:
And my version of this quilt.
There was also this idea...
which Mama Thomps took and mader her own.
Lindsay from LinzSews made hers into a Christmas quilt of her own design, and Kathy went and made herself a California King sized quilt, also of her own design!

We didn't have a huge turnout for making this quilt, but I did have several people express that they wanted to participate; just too busy at the moment. Another positive for having low numbers? Everybody gets a treat! I have some Aviary 2, some Riley Blake and I am planning on picking up some Soul Blossoms today (LQS was closed yesterday). Thank you all so much for making this so much fun! I told Lindsay I already have something else planned for the future but I need to take a quicky break to get caught up on some other things as well! This actually ended up being perfect timing because it looks like I will reach 10,000 hits sometime this week! Woohoo! So I just figured, all the more reason for giving out a little extra!
If you do choose to make one later, please add it to the flickr group. I'd love to see it! For you guys who did a quilt and posted about it, please hook up to the linky below (hopefully it worked; my preview button in blogger does not work for me to see).

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