Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all my quilt friends out there in bloggy world are having a wonderful Mother's Day today! I will post tomorrow about mine. My weekend otherwise has been quite busy. I got the bright idea to post a pic of my sister's iPad case on FB just because she never goes on there and I thought I could get away with it without her seeing it before she gets it. NOT. Yup, she decided to wander into FBLand and I got busted. But that's okay because she loves it which is a plus. Yippy skippy!
When I finally finished her case Friday night I remembered that my son's orange belt ceremony for karate was that night at 6:30 so I quickly texted hubby to make sure he remembered as well. Then I checked the clock. 6:05! Not good. We did the mad dash and got there 5 minutes late but he has been orange belted! The pictures are hilarious because they had a party that day for the kids who met their yearly AR goal (Advanced Reader, computer program used for reading comprehension). They got to get their hair sprayed with hair color. He had a yellow/green mohawk! And since I hadn't remembered that it was the night for his belt ceremony, I hadn't taken the time to wash it out. I know this is a back shot but it shows the hair sticking up the best.

I also dragged my kids to my quilt guild's Saturday Sewcial yesterday. I kind of had to because they were doing the jellyroll race quilt which was my idea. Yeah, I know. Hubby works at our local hospital which has only just moved into a brand spankin' new building so I've sort of been playing single mom while he is working many hours overtime (not that he gets overtime) trying to get his department functional in the new facility. I haven't been to quilt guild in a couple of months and I was itching to get back and see my friends. I was a little late but eager to get started.  It rained in the a.m. so I figured my son's baseball game would probably be rained out (muddy field). Uh, yeah, I was wrong. We did some more mad dashing after quilting to make it to the game in time.

I think I have already proven with past projects that I tend to mess up when under pressure. I cut off metal stoppers from zippers, I sew things in the wrong place, etc., etc. Well, I guess that should have prepared me for what was to come since I was late getting there. I got in a hurry making my initial long piece (basically like making bias tape being sure to bias each piece together). I chain sewed it together and only when I was completely done and cutting the pieces apart did I realize I had screwed up and sewn over half of them together wrong. I had to go back and resew 3/4 of the pieces together again after cutting off the ends. So needless to say I was the only one who didn't get my quilt done by the time we had to stop (we meet at a church and they needed the room at 2:00). I did get some great pics of the other ladies' quilts though.

Here's one done in Amelia by Me & My Sister for Moda.
Two ladies picked the same jelly roll of batiks and we were surprised at how different the two quilts looked using the same fabric, though I will say one lady removed the browns.

The next one I believe was done in all scraps.

Vintage Modern by Moda.

I never heard what fabric line this one was...

and I finished mine when I got home. Mine was a jelly roll my daughter picked out while at Tuesday Morning so it was not the highest quality fabric in the world. This quilt will probably be thrown all over the yard, however, so that it perfectly fine. Mine seemed to get a little blue heavy on the top and yellow heavy on the bottom, but that's okay.

All these fabrics really started making me think about what I still wanted to pick up before it is gone. Do you have a wish list for fabrics? Here's the ones I could think of so far:
1. Sassy by Sandy Gervais
2. Twirl by Me & My Sister
3. Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt
4. Pear Tree by Thomas Knauer (I think I'm pushing it on this one!)


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Great quilts! I've never made one of those but it sounds fun! Love your choices, I have a bit of FMF and Pear Tree is so cute, that's on my list too!

Wendy said...

Fab quilts and what a great technique!