Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh, Sunburn...Thou Art a Devil to Me!

Yeah, I sat too long in the sun yesterday. Let me tell you how long too long is for me. I have VERY pale skin so I was under the umbrella the ENTIRE time without sunblock on (I know, what was I thinking)....except for about 5 minutes where my neighbor buddy and I sat beside the pool with our feet in the water to cool off. That's all it took. 5 minutes. And my shoulders look like lobster skin. Sigh... oh, to have my daughter's skin (not that I would stay out in the sun; I know what it can do). Hubby says she's like his grandfather was; she walks by an open window and turns brown. Not me. Burn, peel, freckle and back to white. That's me. Inspires me to write....

Ode to a Sun Goddess
Skin of tan, smooth and brown
This is the skin I've never found
Shielded, hiding, always shunned
By a large foreboding sun

To lie beneath it's heated rays
To soak beneath it's fire ablaze
Not I, for freckles dare to rise
To sunbathe, it is ill advised.

Days of summer slowly pass
Trapped inside am I, alas
A vacay at the beach, not me
An indoor pool for this mommy!

Hope you enjoyed! Oh, I also got some recent mail goodies to post about. Got my Pilot Frixion pens I won from Quiltingranny, and I finally used my gift certificate to Pink Chalk Fabrics I won from Rachel. What did I get? Well, I picked up some more Good Fortune to go with what I have (I have a layer cake) and a pack of 12 inch colored zippers! 

I love that green. How predictable am I? Plus I have another order coming in later this week from Wondrous Woven Fabrics. Unfortunately they are going out of business, so check them out soon before they are gone.


the pegster said...

Cute little poem, looks like you got some pretty nice goodies, can't wait to see what you make next.

Jan-Maree said...

As a fellow fair skinned buddy you can still burn under an umbrella from reflected light and some times the umbrella won't block out all the harmful rays. Hope you fell better soon.

piece peace said...

Sun block city in our house. I have not cut into my Good Fortune yet.

Linz said...

Sorry about the sunburm!! Yuck...

Congrats on the cool stuff you won! I love zippers...

Michele said...

I guess you can say Lesson Learned!