Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yummiliciousness...and A Steal Too!

I love getting good deals! My LQS had a sale on their sale fabrics today. Yes, I said a sale on their sale! 15% more off which meant a total of 60% off. Can't beat that so I stocked up. I got 2 yards of this, 4 yards of that...wanna see?
That second one is the same Ambrosia I used on the back of the fundraiser quilt I picked for Bloggers' Festival. I looked around and they had it in the green/purple so I got the end of both of those bolts. I also picked up some Eclectic Garden by Jason Yenter for In the Beginning Fabrics and some Savannah by Fabri-Quilt. I'm probably going to use the Eclectic Garden on the back of the baby quilt I'm making. I know. I make quilts that kids can use. I don't usually make true baby quilts.

Have you made much headway checking out the Bloggers' Festival yet? I haven't made it past the first line yet!
Oh, and I totally forgot! I got in on Clover & Violet's Pay it Forward blog post so stay tuned in the next week for a blog post on that. Would you like to receive some kind of crafty package from me sometime in the next year? Hmmmm?? Well, look out for that post and jump on board quickly!


Michele said...

That is some great bargain. If I had an opportunity like that I wouldn't be able to resist.

Linz said...

Lovely fabric!!! I love sale on sales!! :)

Can't wait to see the Pay it Forward post!!