Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WiP Wednesday #9!

Does anyone else find it quite humorous (if there's anything humorous about it!) that Blogspot had issues when Blogger Festival was going on at Amy's Creative Side, and it had issues again while Giveaway Day is going on? Are we quilting bloggers powerful or what? Knocking out a whole blogging server! I'm just glad I got my entries in before it went crazy!
Also, I thought I broke it before, but I have officially broken my sewing machine and she is going in the shop today. I knocked something out of whack trying to sew through too many layers on that purse and broke several needles before it finally went haywire. Hubbie can't fix it so it's going in. :(
Also, I will be visiting the Geek Squad today due to residual computer issues caused by the fab new spyware out there that invaded my computer the other day and led me to believe it had crashed. Hubbie fixed what he could but I am still unable to access my documents or pictures. I am also one of those individuals who still cannot get 'comment' to work so, if I don't comment on your site today, I love what you did. I just have no way to tell you! Double :(
*UPDATE* They took my sewing machine for 2-3 weeks! It's a Kenmore and our Sears doesn't work on them here so it had to be sent out. Luckily my friend Mitzi is lending me her old one. Little does she know that her old one is probably far better than my primary one. Also, in order to fix my computer the Geek Squad will have it for 4-5 days. I feel like I lost both arms today. I'm blogging on hubbie's computer but I have no access to email other than my online account. NOT. A. HAPPY. CAMPER.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Don't forget to check out all the other quilters out there with their fabulous work over at Lee's for WiP Wednesday!

New Projects:
I've been doing mug rugs galore for teachers. I've got 3 more to do.

I had mentioned I was doing these for teachers last week and Linz caught the fever too. She even let her daughter design one for her teacher. SO cute! And just in case teachers don't know exactly what they are or what to do with them, I made up a little poem I am printing on cards to attach to them. You can see it here at the bottom of this post. Please use it if you want; Linz already used it on hers.

I also made a little pincushion for a bloggy friend from this tutorial.

I love the colors. I will say that next time I will leave two openings for stuffing, one on each side. I had a hard time reaching the opposing side of the hole so it doesn't look as 'stuffed' as I would like it. Also, this is a hand sewn project so, if you do it, be prepared to see a few stitches here and there. But I still think it turned out cute!

I finally finished one of the purses I was asked to make as well.

The mom loved it and said I'd have to make one for her as well!

Ongoing Projects:
I didn't get anything done this week on my X Marks the Spot quilt, but I took it to quilting guild Monday night and someone gave me a good idea on how to enlarge it. My friend Mitzi over at Live Love Quilt said she really didn't realize it was that small. I told you I messed up on the size of the squares! It's about the size of a baby quilt, but I'll get it worked out for next time. Anyway, I had planned on adding just one extra black border around it to make it a little bigger but one of the ladies suggested doing just a thin line of green around the existing border, then adding the black border. I liked the idea of giving it just a bit more green pop (I ran out of black Kona so I just used some cheap black I had leftover from something to get an idea of what it would look like).

I have finally been working on getting Random Reflections quilted. I got about 2/3 of the way done with it before I had to MAKE myself stop to finish some other projects.

Completed projects:
So far the only completed projects are the small ones that were my new projects:
  • 1 mug rug (did one last week)
  • pincushion
  • purse
This week's stats: New projects - 3
Completed projects - 3
Currently in progress – 6
No goals this week since my machine is out. I hope to borrow a machine to get some work done. We'll see. Happy Quilting!


Mitzi said...

I love the 2 borders you're adding to the X quilt. Perfect way to finish it off! You did such a great job on that quilt.

If you want to borrow a machine just let me know. I will be glad to meet up with you somewhere and get it to you!

~Carla~ said...

You have so many gorgeous projects to show!! Love the purse & the colours of your quilt! Fabulous!! :)

Bree said...

WOW on that X quilt! Gorgeous!

Kerstin said...

That x quilt looks amazing! And I totally feel for you, no sewing machine and no computer, that would be a total hardship for me, too!

Jenniffier said...

I like the colors in Random Reflections quilt.

Leanne said...

Lovely work! Your X Marks the Spot quilt is very striking!

Bree said...

Busy week! That pincushion has been on my to-do list for a while now, yours looks great. Reminds me I need to go ahead & just do it.

LynCC said...

Definitely love the added green border on X Marks the Spot!