Monday, August 1, 2011

Red, White and A Brand New Blog Header!

Remember this?
Kind of hard to miss now that it's in my header. More about that in a minute. Well, I've been working on some secondary designs to go with it...
To give you an idea of how they will look sewn together, I placed them on the full sized bed in the guest bedroom in the basement.

I'm making two more secondary pieces to go on the top, alternating the sides. Most of the filler is going to be white. One of the ladies at that Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild meeting asked if I was going to applique it onto white, but I just don't think I can do it. I think it all has to be a hexie quilt. I have a line design to outline it and another idea to fill in some of the white on either side of the center star but I feel strongly it needs to all be hexagons. I may regret that, but we'll see.
As far as my header goes, I want to send out a huge THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Jennifer at That Girl...That Quilt for her wonderful tutorial for how to change your header. I think it just made such a huge difference being able to put some of my own designs up there. Thanks again, Jennifer!


Linz said...

Red and White look aMAZing!!! I can't believe your going to do all hexies!! Wow! You go girl! :)

Love the header! said...

Oh, this is turning out amazing! I still think you can make your deadline, you got this!

So nice to meet you at the Guild meeting, hope you and Mitzi will come back!!


Allegory said...

I love your heading as well. Thank's for the link to the tutorial. I'm going to work on changing mine too.

Mitzi said...

The blog looks great. I totally agree that the top needs to be all hexagons. 100% sure! It's going to be gorgeous!