Monday, January 30, 2012

Cleaning Bites!

There are some know the ones...where the never-ending laundry truly NEVER ENDS, and the rooms all look as if 40 kids live in them instead of 1 in each.
Days where you feel like if you have to sweep and mop the floor one more time, you may truly scream.

Where, after hearing you state that you absolutely detest when your kids drop things on the floor for the 5000th time, they do it again.

Where you don't remember what your kids beds look like made up because you haven't seen it in so long.

I'm not a happy cleaner; are you?


M-R said...

Ha ha, no, I'm not a happy cleaner either. i wish I could turn on some music loud to make it less painful, but no stereo could reduce the pain. ;) Also, I find that by the time I get the house tidy enough to clean, I'm either too tired to actually give it a good scrub or have to go pick a child or two up. I have a theory about home management, which is kind of like the consulting triangle of price, quality and time. The triangle of home management has happy children, happy stay at home spouse, clean house at each point of the triangle. You can only have two at any one time, but not all three. ;)

Bree said...

My husband knows if I'm cleaning, he best steer clear.
And let's not talk about laundry right now. There *might* be a clean, unfolded load hiding in my son's play tent. Yep. I admitted that on the internet.

Jan-Maree said...

I am not a happy cleaner either - nd I am an even less happy ironing lady!

Linz said...

Welcome to my life. I have laundry to fold that was washed last week sometime and dishes begging to be put in the dishwasher. I don't even need to hand wash... just PUT them in the washer. Are they in? Not yet. That will happen when I run out of clean spoons. Again.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Stay out of my son's room, you'll get lost in there AFTER he's cleaned it up. I don't remember the last time he made the bed. He goes off to college next fall. It will be the first time since we moved here that his room will be CLEAN!

Mindy said...

Oh, please, please do NOT ask my family about this today... especially not right now. I have a bit of the crabbiness going on --seems that all my hard work today was for naught.