Friday, January 13, 2012

Swapping and Blogger Issues!

Because you can never have enough fabric, and I have never actually used a layer cake, I decided to participate in the Rainbow Layer Cake Swap Bree and Jennifer are having over Distant Pickles.  Since this is a rainbow swap, members will be provided a color to base their fabrics on. I really like the idea that we are being encouraged to use tone on tone prints for this. I love the diversity of tone on tone; it can give the feel of a solid when needed, but also has the texture of a print.
There will be 20 participants who are each provided 2 colors. All the details can be found on their blog so get over there and check it out if you're interested!

Now about Blogger issues. Is anyone else having trouble pulling up blogspot blogs today? Every time I try to go to any blog that has a blogspot address, the site will pull up for just a second and then the screen goes white. I tried to look it up on blogger as an issue but I don't see anything about it. I was wondering if it was just my computer! Of course, if you ARE having troubles, you probably can't pull up my blog either...ARRGGHHH!!! The irony!!!


Linz said...

Well, I haven't been having any trouble today. Hope that helps... :/

The swap sounds fun! :)

Kell said...

I was having the same problem the other night. I thought it was my computer too. I just had automatic updates done & thought that was the problem so I shut off my computer. The next time I started it up I didn't have any problems. Hope that helps.

Chiska said...

I'm glad that someone else is having that problem. I thought it was just me too.

EELS said...

Yep I'm having this problem right now. I also cannot access the comments left for me after a post except if I go to my dashboard page. This is driving me crazy but glad someone else is having probs too, nice to know I'm not alone!
Hope Blogger can fix this quick.

ritainalaska said...

me, too! and still having it flicker and blank out. only on some, though.

Barnum's Winter said...

It's happened to me occasionally in the last week, but now it's every time I look at ANY individual post. ARG. You're the only post I've been able to access this morning. :(