Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally Back on the Horse!

Okay, so it took a while for me to get back in my groove but I finally got back in front of the sewing machine...and my blog! I made another cute little bag. This one is for my daughter. I pieced together the inside with GS fabrics I picked up from the scrap bin of an LQS that I wish were a little more L!
The outside Thin Mint fabric is the only piece I bought off the bolt.
I used three thin ribbons braided (2 green, 1 brown) to make the drawstrings. I didn't realize the overall picture was a little blurry until I downloaded it but if you think I'm braving my daughter's room to figure out what she did with it in order to take another picture, let's just say, "not gonna happen!"  Needless to say, it's cute...she likes it...done!

In other news, I have begun on quilt one of the two European twin quilts I have been commissioned to do. This is the girl quilt being done in Dogwood Trails. Here's a reminder.

I took some advice from Michele on my charmed to meet you post and I'm using this quilt as a sort of jumping off point for the twin quilts.
So far I have a couple of strips done. It's slowly taking shape, but of course I ran out of white! That goes without saying, right?
I know. It's hard to take pics of blocks that are outlined in white! But it will be more apparent when I get the 'in between' and side strips put in.
Yay! Back to quilting!


Linz said...

CUte bag!! And I love the fabrics for the quilts! I can't wait to see more! WAy to get back on that horse!

Allegory said...

Those GS fabrics are adorable.

M-R said...

That bag is adorable! Great fabric choices for those quilts, Melinda!

Michele said...

Yeah for choosing the pattern I recommended. It will look wonderful in Dogwood Trail. My oldest sister is also going to make a baby quilt with that pattern. I can't wait to see it finished.