Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Resolutions, an Update

Very Berry Handmade is having a great little contest which involves making resolutions. My favorites of her prizes are the fabrics; I LOVE Erin McMorris' Summersault, but the Lark by Amy Butler and Gone to Earth by Kate Spain are gorgeous as well! I made and reported my resolutions back on 12/30 but I thought I would reiterate them here.

1. Make one quilt per month
2. Complete at least 3 UFO's in the year. (almost finished with number 1!)
3. Practice more FMQ
4. Participate in at least one bee, swap, etc. (already participating in the Rainbow Layer Cake swap at Distant Pickles!)
5. Participate in at least one quilt along

I also would like to learn to use a long arm quilter, though I haven't quite figured out the logistics on this one yet. I'd like to be more precise with my quilting and I would like to write my own pattern. I already have two possibilities for this but I've got to actually work on it.

I also thought I might add a few personal ones.
1. To become healthier (this one really needs to be to lose copious amounts of weight but I thought I would look at it more from a health standpoint)
2. To maintain BALANCE in my life (this was my focus word for the year so I thought I should incorporate it into my plans!)
3. To have more confidence in myself, whether it be crafty, as a parent, etc.

Oh, if you have time, check out QuokkaQuilts contest. The judges are trying to make their choices right now, but she was just curious to see who the public would pick for it. I'm number 13 if you want to check mine out. Mine sort of has a citrusy feel to it. I may have to take the plunge and purchase it all since I like it so much! If you want to vote for your favorites, here is the voting form and here is the list of entries.

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

One of my local quilt shops 'rents' the long arm by the hour. You have to pay to take a class on how to use the machine first, but, it's cheap and easy. I did the class a few years ago, but, never had time to go back and rent the machine.