Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Promise is a Promise...and A Sale is a Sale

I promised myself that I would start back to work on the Girl Twin Quilt when I finished the Embroidery 101 and made that third Carpenter's Wheel, so...
I figured out that the length needed to be twice what I had already done so I just pinned the part I've finished on the left and started mimicking it on the right before sewing it all together. That will complete the center portion.  I am planning on making two long strips (like the 2.5" ones that are pieced prints in the piece thus far) and I'm going to run them down either side of the center piece. Then I'm going to run shorter versions of the center on either side of that for that drop. I'm still figuring out all the logistics and which way will work best.

Dewberry Lane

As far as the sale goes, check out Dewberry Lane. They are going out of business and are offering 40% off everything. Use the code "GOING12" to receive the discount. They do not sell fabric but they do sell notions, books and stabilizers.


Linz said...

I love how that quilt is looking!! WAy to go!

Michele said...

Nice to see how it is coming. I still love that pattern, so easy and works well with any fabric line. Can't wait to see it completed.