Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Love Mailbox Goodies!

I got a little order from the Fat Quarter Shop today! I caught a few things on sale the other day and put in a little order. It all looks so yummy!

The orange Power Pop orange and is for the Rainbow Layer Cake Swap over at Distant Pickles. Still looking for yellow-orange. I may have to go to the LQS. The other two fabrics are for the Boy Twin Quilt. The blue is Blue Magic Beans and the red is Red Porridge Plaid, both from Fairy Tale Friends. The FQS was having a great 50% off sale on these lines the other day and I really lucked out. Thanks to Fabric Donkey for the wonderful tip! Here are all the fabrics I have so far for it.

The request was for bright primary colors so I think I'm doing okay so far.I wanted to have a variety of print types as well.


Linz said...


M-R said...

Those fabrics look fabulous. Yummy!

Michele said...

Cool combo so far. Keep hunting. I'm sure you will find the rest of what you need in just the right prints and colors. How is the charm square quilt coming along?