Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not a Moment Too Soon...

The children finally went back to school today. It's a good thing. After last night I realized just how bored they were getting.
I got a new game for Christmas from my BIL called Awkward Family Photos. We played it in the mountains...lots of fun. Even my eldest played and really held her own. Yesterday they had our neighbor over to play and, without my knowledge, the eldest decided to take it out to show the pictures to her buddy. At some point while it was left out, all of the pieces were poured on the floor and the game board was torn in half. No, this is not representative of my childrens' usual behavior. I have no idea what happened. The way I found the board on the floor led me to believe that it had been stepped on or something similar. However it happened, no one would own up to being responsible. I was livid. The rule is that you do not mess with items that do not belong to you unless you ask permission. I am pretty sure the youngest did most of the destruction. However, the eldest is in just as much trouble for getting it out in the first place. I am tempted to make them pool their money to buy me a replacement game. Little Man lost his story at bedtime last night and I meant for my daughter to lose her iPod but hubby gave it to her. I'm sure he thinks Little Man did it too but it really is just as much my daughter's fault.

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Linz said...

Oh man. I hate it when things like that happen. SO sorry! And yea for school!