Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to School! (for me!)

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Sew, I'm going to a little class today put on by our quilting guild today. We hooked up with an LQS in nearby city (well, nearby is relative when you live near Atlanta; it's still an hour away!) to bring a speaker to our guild tonight but she's also teaching a class today. Her name is Pepper Cory and she's going to teach us how to make a specific type of quilt. The problem for me is that the class goes until 4:00 and I couldn't get anyone else to pick up my kids. They also have dentist visits this afternoon so, it was inevitable that I would have to return for that. But I'm going to hang out as long as I can.
You would think I was going for a job interview instead of a class! I was emailing Mitzi, asking what she was taking, trying to figure out what fabrics to take with me. I had no idea what colors would work for this at all so I struggled to come up with a color scheme. Here is the block for the class.
I'm just taking a ton a fat quarters so it will be kind of scrappy.
On a different note, don't you love it when people point out things you didn't even know you did? I asked Hubby and the kids a question the other day about whether Thing 2's school library book was in his backpack. Well, at least that's what I thought I said.
"Why do you do that?" Hubby asked.
"Do what?" I questioned.
"Talk about inanimate objects like they're alive." Hubby responded.
"Huh?" I am apparently confused.
Hubby is trying not to smirk when he says, "You just asked if his library book had made it to his backpack. You do that a lot. Talk like the objects do these things on their own instead of someone being responsible for their movement."
I got to thinking about it. I think it comes partly from working in a school and partly from just dealing with people. It's a way of asking if things were done without assigning any blame for it not getting done.  Thing 1 is heavily into blame right now so I try not to give her any ammunition.
I hope other people out there have quirky habits too!

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