Sunday, September 4, 2011

Toothless and a Thief in Training

Children. I have two. A lovely 9 year old daughter and a handsome 5 year old son. Today that dear, sweet little son of mine looked me in the face when I asked if there were any requests for dinner and said, "Mom, can we have quesadillas with chips and cheese?" Why, certainly, little one. I just need to run to the store. This was at 5:00. Hubby was working in the basement.

Upon my return home, I was getting things ready to cook and went to throw something in the trash. Here is what I found.
Four cereal bar wrappers in the top of the trash. Uh, yeah. All consumed by a certain 5 year old sneak. When confronted about it, he just grinned. So he and hubby had a chat in the basement (no, I really mean a chat). I could hear him coming up so I knew he was being sent to apologize to me.

Son: "Mom?"
Me: "Yes, dear?"
Son: "I'm really sorry I ate the cereal bars up...and uh, now can I have a drink?"
Me: "Grrrrrr!"

No regret, no concern. Until dinner time and he was made to eat some of everything on his plate. He was starting to look a little green. "Can I be done now?" Doesn't feel so good, huh? Nope.
As far as my dear daughter goes, she has lost two teeth this week. When she lost the first one, she asked her dad about money from the tooth fairy.

Dad: Uh, yeah, what do you think about Santa?
Thing 1: Well, he's not real.
Dad: And the Easter Bunny?
Thing 1: Um, not real?
Dad: So, having all that knowledge, what does it lead you to think about the tooth fairy?
Thing 1: Oh. Well, then who puts the money under my pillow, you or mom?
Dad: Who do you think is sneakier?
Thing 1: You!

Hey, I take offense to that! Or, no, maybe I don't... should I? Hmmm,...I need to think about that one for a minute.

And do you know what? That stinker still fully expected money to go under her pillow for that tooth! Later in the week she lost another and put her little tooth pillow thing under her bed pillow. Afterward she whispered in my ear, "Tell Daddy to leave me 50 dollars!" Uh, yeah right. The economy in this day and age has caused a recession in Fairyville.


Linz said...

:) I love kids. My 7 year old is all wise on the Tooth fairy and all. Dad is sneakier in our house too.

As far as my lovely boy... today, we found him with smears on his face. Daddy asked what he had been eating. He replied, "The delicious cookies Mommy made." Upon investigation we found that he had very sneakily consumed 12 cookies. 12!!! So my neighbors didn't get as many as I had planned... grrrr.

Mindy said...

Hilarious kiddos! =D

The Thompsons said...

Love it!

Alli said...

Ahahahahaha! Naughty naughty. :D