Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Memories Software Review

Disclaimer: My Memories provided me with software as well as that software for the giveaway. These opinions are my own and are my honest feelings about the software. ~Melinda @ Tilda's Twisted

This is my review of the My Memories Suite software by Polaroid. If you would like to enter the giveaway, go here.

Here's a great introduction to the My Memories software.

Okay, so let's start by being honest here. I am not too trusty of companies I've never heard of. I was apprehensive about this software when I saw it on other blog giveaways. Then I got offered my own program and one to give away so I started doing a little research. I watched this little youtube video about it and I heard the words "by Polaroid". Huh? This program is made by Polaroid? Hello? That's definitely a company I've heard of! I felt much better that this product was by a trusted name that has been around for years.

I used to scrapbook but time got away from me when my second child came along. I have tons of stuff in my basement which basically just take up a lot of room. I finally started letting the kids play with my supplies! I like the online books that can be purchased but I have never taken the time to do one. I needed something that's easily accessible! For me,  My Memories helps me with that.

If you are a learn by seeing and doing kind of person like me, there are instructional videos available on youtube.

For me, the main thing about hands on scrapbooking that is both great and irritating at the same time is all the supplies. Having papers, embellishments, stickers, etc., all of these things give you texture to your pages. However, all these supplies have to have a place to live! I have piles and containers full of scrapbooking supplies! With this program, all your supplies are located inside your computer! I am leaning toward a more streamlined version of scrapbooking, so using this program INSTEAD of the traditional scrapbooking is right up my alley. However, I think it also has a place with more traditional scrapbookers as well because there are always times when you need to pull some pages together quickly.
I thought this was cute, being able to use my picture as the background.
But this program isn't just about scrapbooking. You could definitely use this for your business if you were trying to show people what you do. I plan on making up a little book of quilts as well as other projects I make so that I have a go to album for people who are interested in commissioning work.

Things I like:
  • It pulls MY fonts into the program. I have tons of really cool fonts I have downloaded into my computer and it's always frustrating to me when a program doesn't allow me to access them.
  • Each element can be reused in different projects. If you buy embellishments at the store, you have to keep replenishing your stock; with the program, the supply is endless.
  • The web store offers a good variety of kits and pages. There are a lot of freebies available as well.
  • A user guide is available as well as youtube instructional videos if you are stumped as to how something works.
  • EASE! This is pretty darned easy to use right from the start. It actually took me longer to pick out pictures than to make the pages sometimes.
  • The uses are many. Cards, scrapbooking, single page pics, videos for your blog, cute blog button pics, calendars, etc.! Another idea I saw online included making trading cards for your kid's sports team.
  • You can share video in a variety of ways including iPod compatible format.
  • There are hundreds of options including preset templates as well as 'Design your own' pages. And even if you use a preset template, you can add to, change colors, and move things around.
  • You can reposition pictures within an element by zooming in and out, or moving it over with the 'nudge' button.
Things I don't necessarily like:
  • I got a bit confused about how to download the kits and papers available at the web store. For my computer, you had to close the program for the download to work.
  • The only ways there are to alter pictures within the program is by cropping and fixing red-eye. As far as I can tell, you can't do any major editing other than that (brightness, contrast). But I usually do those processes within a different program anyway.
Overall I am very pleased with the program and can't wait to really put it to work. Don't forget to enter the giveaway! And if you are interested in purchasing the program, use the following code (STMMMS93670) and you will receive $10 off the purchase of the program itself and a $10 coupon toward the purchase of goodies to use in your program! There are also lots of freebies you can download as well. I'm all about freebies!

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