Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whipped Wednesday, oh, I mean, WiP!

I'm tired! We had that long weekend and then I got on a cleaning streak Tuesday when the kids went back to school. Don't forget to check over at Lee's to see the goodies everyone has in their project piles!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
I have basically completed NOTHING! So let's just talk about what's currently in progress, shall we?

Quilt Tops Galore!!!
Baby Quilt number 1: This is for a friend who is Japanese American (hence the Japanese fairy tale prints) and his wife's family is from Austria (hence the Hideaway fabric that mimics an Austrian looking village, etc). Blogged about here.

Baby Quilt 2: My donation quilt for 100 Quilts for Kids. Same quilt pattern, different kind of picture.

Diamond Chains Quilt Along Quilt top, blogged about here. There's plenty of time if you'd like to join and it's not a really complicated quilt. The idea here is how you enhance it with your quilting.
Love that Innocent Crush!

Added quite a few white hexies to the mix... I'm currently at 845 red and white hexies for this project! Whew!

Also started making blocks for my Bottled Rainbows quilt. I made lime/chartreuse and put my pieces on to test them out, and I have sewn together my pink/petal block. I just need to add the batting on it.
I've got to decide if I like it, then sew it all down.

Other stuff:
Got to give a shout out to wonderful Carolyn at Just One More Stitch for a fabulous giveaway I won there. I received 8 fat quarters of Riley Blake's Promenade in yellow. I got it in the mail today. How yummy is this?

I was very excited not only because it's yummy, but because I had very little for my yellow/buttercup block for the Bottled Rainbows. Now I have lots. That's my Kona Buttercup underneath the fabrics.

See? How cool is that!
Wow, looking back over my list, this seems like a lot. And yet..... I have still COMPLETED NOTHING! That's on my list for next week; get something done!


CityHouseStudio said...

I just love your Diamond Chains quilt - I'm off to check out the quilt along!

Kelly said...

I love your donation quilt, beautiful fabrics! Lucky you to have won that gorgeous collection. I am on a no spending spree.... but at least for a good reason. I need to save up for an iPad. :) You definitely have completed more than I have!

The Thompsons said...

I love how by changing the fabrics it looks like a completely different quilt even though it's the same pattern. Your donation quilt is adorable.

Debbie said...

wow - what alot of great projects! Especially love baby quilt #1. Very sweet.

Mitzi said...

Great win - very pretty fabric! Your 2 tops look great!

Cassie said...

I love the colors in your donation quilt! And I love bottled rainbows quilts! Can't wait to see it come together :)

Rebecca Lynne said...

Wow I love that Diamond Chains Quilt. I think I have to check that out. Your 100 quilts for kids quilt is awesome...I think I figured out what I am going to do for my donation quilt today. Heh, wish me luck. Oh and I just saw you participated in the Feeling Fussy Swap...oooh how cool if we got each other's squares?

Marg said...

The donation quilt is gorgeous, and I agree it's amazing how much difference a change of fabric can do to a pattern.
Love the Innocent Crush in your Diamond Chains quilt and lucky you winning the Riley Blake fabric, congratulations.
I wish I had been as productive over the last couple of weeks.

Rebecca said...

Love how the stripy fabric looks in baby quilt #2. It really is dramatic.

M-R said...

I love your Diamond Chain, Melinda! Fabulous! I think I just found my next quilt along! If I can finish my Bottled Rainbows over the next week or so. Btw, your BR block is looking great!

Meredith said...

wow! That's a ton of hexies-- Way to go!

Love the diamond chain quilt too! Can't wait to see how you quilt it.

Lisaleh said...

I love your baby quilt #2. the fabrics you chose are gorgeous!

LynCC said...

Those are fantastic baby quilts, and I sure do love Diamond Chains!

Jenniffier said...

So much work. It is all looking great. Congrats on win!

ARTSAVVY said...

Wow, what a busy girl!