Monday, September 19, 2011

Surrounded by Sues!

Remember my "Salvage the Sunbonnet Sue" project? Well, I'm currently up to six pillows. I need more pillow forms at this point.

Aren't they cute? I'm going to be able to salvage about 9-10 and then I'm going to have to get creative. There are at least two where the 'white' fabric is pulling away from the yellow so I'm playing around with the idea of using some more traditional fabric to create some applique strips to cover it. We'll see.
I finished my first block for Bottled Rainbows. I'm not as pleased with it as I would like to be. I think I'm trying too hard to make shapes of the fabrics and then make them fit the block instead of squeezing fabrics onto the block and then trimming them to fit. Hopefully next time will be better.

I am getting ready to do some basting today. I got out my charm pack quilt and got the back done so I'm ready to go.
See how nice and folded it all is? Ready to go! Okay, so this is not really what it looked like when I first brought it up. I originally took this picture but felt guity about how bad it looked...

I know, I know. I need some neatness skills!
The scrap bin at my house is starting to overflow so I pulled out some to do some quilt tops for kids. These will be for donation. I pulled out the leftove fabrics I used to make my sister's quilt to make stacked coin quilt, but it has taken a different direction.

I also found out this morning that I won a fat eighth bundle of Heirloom over at Stitching by Starlight. Thank you so much Angie! I was really excited because I'd already bought some fat quarters of this line but it just so happens that none of the fabrics repeat! I may have bought a piece in that pattern but in another colorway so I have all different pieces! I've got to come up with something really good to do with that line; it's so gorgeous!


Linz said...

Good day for ya!! Congrats on winning, getting those darling Sues done, And I LOVE the scrap quilt!! SO cute so far!!! :)

qwiltnknitnut said...

How fun that you keep winning stuff! And I love your BR block. They get easier as you go, or maybe I just didn't worry as much!