Sunday, September 25, 2011

Basting Done! Block Done!

Okay, so at least I have the basting done! Still not sure how I'm going to get it quilted by Tuesday but, Diamond Chains is basted!
Now the work begins!
I also finished my next Skill Builder block. I did two yesterday; the Beacon Lights and this one, the Improv House and Tree.

This was my first attempt, and is not in the fabric I'm using for the quilt, but I wanted to do a practice fun first. I'll do another one for my actual quilt by I thought this turned out pretty cute. I remembered having the snowy fabric and thought it would look good with the white bottom.
Now, on to quilting!


Linz said...

I LOVE that block!! So cute and Christmasy!! Great job!

Allegory said...

That block is adorable! I love the snowy print.
You're Diamond Chain is coming along great! All this moving and junk has kept me from even starting mine. Boo.