Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WiP Wednesday!

Here we are again guys! Another Wednesday rolled around, so what have you been up to this week?
First, before I review progress, I have to draw a name for my My Memories Suite software drawing! And the winner is....

Linz who said:

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Speaking of facebook, I have alerted all of my friends about this giveaway! :)

I will email you to make sure you know and I will let My Memories know how to contact you. Congratulations!

Now, onward to progress!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

So far this week I have gotten a bit done. Not as much as I would have liked, but I'm getting there.
I'm caught up with Skill Builder, though I may go back and do another house and tree block in the colors of my quilt.
 Beacon Lights block

House and Tree Improv block

Here are all of my Skill Builder blocks so far.

I am debating whether to go ahead and make a quilt from what I have or to wait and make two quilts; one from the ones that have white, one from ones that have no white. Looking at them all together, I will definitely be remaking the house  and tree in the quilt colors.

My Diamond Chain quilt is pinned and ready for quilting (only a bit behind for my own quilt along!), but I'll get it done!

Still sitting and waiting though...sigh....
I also got my charm pack quilt quilted! Woohoo!

It still doesn't have binding but I was determined to finish something that otherwise was going to turn into a UFO.

I darkened the back a bit so you could see the quilting. I will do a post with close-ups when I get it bound.

I also went to a class Monday that our quilting guild co-sponsored with a fairly local (hour away) LQS. Pepper Cory was our teacher and she also spoke at our quilting guild meeting that night. She was very entertaining and had a great sense of humor. She spoke and taught about scrap quilts.
Here is the block we learned.
We were asked to bring fat quarters, and since I knew it was about scraps I didn't try to match things up. It's a bit busier than I would normally do but I LOVE the block pattern itself. I've already got ideas for how to use some different fabrics give this a bit of a more modern tweak.

Forgot to add: I turned in my quilt for 100 Quilts for Kids Monday night at quilting guild. That one will go to either DFCS or the Community Welcome House which helps women and children in abusive situations.
Hope your week was fruitful! Don't forget to go check out everyone at Lee's!


Kerstin said...

That house block is so cute! I think I have to do more improv stuff, this seems like so much fun!

Janine said...

Your skill builder blocks are great and I think the block you made at class is fab! I also love that little house and tree - it's adorable :)

Mindy said...

I love them all! I really like the Charm Pack quilt--what a great design and soothing colors. =)

Bree said...

That charm pack quilt is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Linz said...

WOW so much cool stuff! First off may I say

YEEHAW!!! I am so excited to be a winner!!! That software looks SO cool! Thanks!!

Okay - your blocks are amazing and I LOVE that quilt!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what binding you pick!

Toni said...

Your charm pack quilt is awesome! Great design! I really like your little tree block, too. Cute stuff!

M-R said...

Still loving that charm pack quilt! Looking forward to your close-up shots. Once I finish up one of my Project Y, I think I'm going to do you quiltalong. Love, love, love that pattern!

Artist said...

Your use of colors is just amazing. I love colors. Through synesthesia I see colors when I hear names and numbers, this is fun.

Eden said...

That charm pack quilt is very interesting, I love the modern-ness of the layout but it is a very traditional block (Jacob's Ladder variation) Great job. I like that guild block too, lots of possibility there.

Gina said...

I love the Skill Builder blocks! The house and tree block looks great!! The My Diamond Chain colors are very pretty and the Charm Pack quilt is awesome!

Martha said...

Loving all your projects...good job. Have a great day.

Cassie said...

Your skill builder is looking so good! I love the snowy house, it's way cute :)

Kristen, pajama mama said...

what a great tree in your improv block! really great!

and i think i would be tempted to finish the one quilt, but i think you're right about waiting to make two separate ones. separating the colors/whites will make for more dramatic quilts. either way, great job!