Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WiP Wednesday!

I've actually made some headway this week! I can't wait to share with you guys! Give it up for Lee and her posse of weekly quilting accountability!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Ongoing Projects:

Skill Builder Sampler Ohio Star block

Japanese/Austrian baby quilt: quilted

Donation quilt for 100 Quilts for Kids: quilted
(Keep in mind that this was my first for real attempt at FMQ. It is not pretty because I made myself muddle through it no matter what happened, but I can say that I have done a quilt in free motion now!)

Charm Pack quilt: I finished this top a while back and finally got around to making the back. It now just needs to be pinned and quilted.
Unfortunately this was one of the first quilts I ever did and I was scared it wouldn't turn out well. I didn't use good fabrics but I hate not to quilt it at all.  I would love to do it again with prettier, brighter fabrics that are more me.

Red and white hexie quilt (my design): Slowly but surely. I added about 30 more hexies after taking this picture and I'm now officially at 1010 hexies on this project! Woohoo!

New Projects:
Bottled Rainbows: I still haven't sewn down my lime block. I moved things around again and I may add more to it.
I think I'm trying too hard to make it cute and not trying hard enough to fill it up. I need to worry less about making cool shapes and more about filling up the space.

Here's a pic of the Sunbonnet Sue pillow, blogged about here.
Diamond Chains Quilt: Front is done, back is done. Just need to pin and quilt!

Still nothing, but this week I'm much closer. Just need to bind two and they are done!
How did you do this week?


Toni said...

Your projects look great! I love the design of your Charm Pack quilt. Can't wait too see your finishes!

M-R said...

Wow, so many great projects, Melinda! ILOVE your charm square quilt design. Very cool! I'll be posting about one of my Bottled Rainbow quilts this Friday and how I did it as quilt as you go.

Jennifer said...

I love your embroidery blocks! (sigh) maybe one day i'll be able to do them haha - for now they just don't come out right haha

Mitzi said...

Girl you have been busy. I think it would take me a month just for the embroidery block! I love the charm square quilt! Gorgeous!

If Toys Could Talk said...

Your projects are all coming along so nicely! The only thing I finished this past week was a backpack for my daughter:

The Thompsons said...

I'm seriously so impressed with how much you're getting done.

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

I love your charm pack quilt top. That is really pretty. I am also in love with your Ohio star block. Love the fabrics you used and their layout. Visiting from WIP.
~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 

Kelly said...

Your free-motion quilting looks great! I just attempted it for the first time too, and believe me it looks better the more you do. Wow... that hexie quilt is amazing! 1010 hexies, you go girl! And that charm pack quilt is gorgeous! Thanks for posting the QAL link, another one to add to my bucket list!

Sunni @Love Affair with my Brother said...

Wow! You are one busy lady!! I love the way your hexie quilt is turning out. I am working on a hexie quilt made of triangles! No y-seams!
And I love your SBS. I think I have even commented on them on Flickr!!

Linz said...

Your FMQ does look good! Be proud!! :)

And look at your hexies!! Yea!!! They look great!

EVERYTHING looks great!

Letterpress said...

Very fun to see all your projects. I took some time and read through some of your recent posts, including the one about the SunBonnet Sue Pillow. I one time had to cut up a quilt, and I think we both did about the same thing: try to rescue the good parts. I think the idea of pillows from Christmas gifts is so wonderful, esp. considering the story you told about the grandmother.

I really liked your post about creating pieced backs with all its links. This is a really good reference I'm going to give to my little quilt group when we meet.

Elizabeth E. said...

I'd like some of your productivity, please and thank you. Girl, you were busy this week!

Everything is beautiful, I love the charm design and your FMQ looks great!

I'm excited to see the hexies progress and I like your choice to do the white part in hexies. Looks awesome! Sew sew sew, I know you can beat that deadline!

I love the Sunbonnet Sue's as well. I have a quilt with the same little ladies on it from my great-grandmother. It's hard to see heirlooms we love fall apart. You've done great salvaging it and remaking into something special!

Carla said...

Melinda you are on a roll! Love all that you are working on. I didn't get as far as you this week, but I did make a dent into my "need quilting" stack.

Kate said...

You got lots done, and it looks great! Your FMQ looks much better than my attempts.

Leanne said...

Looks like a lot of fun projects on the go! Good for you to press on with the fmq, it looks fine from here. Really it is just a matter of actually doing it so you are well on your way to feeling more comfortable.

Jenniffier said...

All you work is looking great. I so need to get back to working on the embroidery 101 qal I am so behind.