Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bug Party

My children have to be coerced into going outside. Wait, let's clarify that. My son would go out most times, but my daughter has to be coerced. They are most likely to be easily coerced if the neighbor's kids come over to play. We have a huge swingset in the back yard but that is not nearly as exciting and death defying as they require. You see, our yard slopes from the road down the side, and all the way back to the woods in the back yard. The children (neighbor kids included) find it much more fun and exciting to ride any and all wheeled vehicles that we own down from the top of the front yard all the way down to the woods in the back. Luckily there have been no broken bones as of this writing.

They have also been repeatedly asked not to play in the woods behind our house. But they do. They sneak. Just a little. But you know what happens when you sneak. It comes back to bite you.
And what bit them? Well, let's see...
ants bit Thing 1. Both ankles are encircled with bites.
And 3 ticks bit Thing 2. There's no picture. There can't BE a picture. Let your imagination go... yeah. That's what I said, "Ew!"

Of course, now it will be nearly impossible to convince them to go outside. As if it were all that easy in the first place!


Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...


Sadie said...

I hope they are back to full, flying down the hill strength soon :-)

Linz said...

Sad!!! (and gross) I hope she gets feeling better soon!

The Thompsons said...


Brenda Turner said...

Ohhh! Meema's babies! Tell Thing One that I'm sorry she has so many itchies on her feet! Love you all.