Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Make it Your Own Diamond Chains Quiltalong

Okay, so first I wanted to do X Marks the Spot as a quiltalong but I have yet to write it up. Then I decided that my Diamond Chains block might be easier to start with.
Diamond Squares Quilt Along
I started playing around with the block trying to come up with a definitive plan. After playing around with several options, I couldn't make up my mind which one to do. Then I had an idea. What if I provided you with options? I will be doing a quilt to aid with the instruction as we go along, but you have the choice of doing the same or a modified plan. This block lends itself to the look of a chain (hence why I call it Diamond Chains), so you can let the chain meander however you want. You can allow it to be the pattern itself like in these...
(my original idea for the quilt using a lot of negative space)
(another option with open space)
(an option that allows the orange running through the diamond, and an alternate solid)
(a larger version with a color variation).

Or another alternative is to use it as a border to showcase another block. The diamond chain gives a very simple and elegant look so you could choose a more complicated block to focus on in the center (I wanted the center block to be larger in this one. I just couldn't figure out how to do that on my Quilt Design Wizard software).

My plan is to walk you through the quilt that I am making which is this original quilt I had planned.

However, I will be providing you with information that will help you alter it to one of the other quilts, or one of your own making as we go along. I just wanted to try something new that would give you a little more leeway in becoming the designer of your own quilt.

The Quilter's Cache has tons of great blocks you can pull from to find a focus block if you choose to go that route! They range from very simple to VERY complicated and are divided by block size. Also, you may have a block from Summer Sampler or Skill Builder or Farmer's Wife that you just love and want to give it some focus on a quilt. Oh, here's a great idea! Lee over at Freshly Pieced has a wonderful tutorial for a Hexing Around the Block she came up with that would be gorgeous centered in this way. What do you want to create?

I'm going to write up instructions for two variations of the block itself (a 12 inch block). One will use half-square triangles, which is how I originally created it. The other will use flying geese which I just noticed might be easier! I will also be posting some general guidelines for how much fabric you will need depending on the number of blocks you have in your project.  I'd love to see what you guys do with it.  I have added a group on my Flickr if you would like to show off how you made it your own. Show us what fabrics you have picked out, your ideas for design set up, etc. I want this to be fun.  And I will be making this quilt for the first time with you so hopefully I will work out the mistakes before I present it to you!
I am also going to put together a prize for the end of the quiltalong. This will most likely be fabric (I'm hitting the not so close LQS this week to see what yummies I can come up with!) For those who complete their projects and post them in the Flickr pool by the end of the quiltalong, we will pick a name from the hat for our ending prize. I hope to see you guys participating!

Also, I am working on the button for this quiltalong. I finally got it to post correctly on the site, but when I try to get it to have a grab box, none of the codes I've tried have worked thus far. Just keep an eye out for it!


The Thompsons said...

I really love it as a chain border. How fun!

Linz said...

Oh, those look awesome! I can't wait!! :)

Marg said...

These look great. Love your ideas.