Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tute, Tute Review!

Tutorial, that is! I love tutorials. I don't believe in reinventing the wheel and, if someone else is generous enough to share their ideas with me, that's fine! While goofing around on different blogs I came across this cool tutorial for a loyalty card holder.
How cute is that? So I had to try it out.
I used a little Denyse Schmidt fabric I had on hand. I think it turned out cute but I will definitely make a few changes next time.
Pattern 2 did not print out correctly for me for some reason. The little 1" square was not 1" square. So I had to do some finagling to get it correct. I used interfacing on both the inside and outside fabric because mine was a bit lighter than they recommended. I still wish it was a tiny bit stiffer, but that was my fault, not theirs.
One WAY COOL thing they did on the tute was provide you with printable alphabetized dividers. Way cool! Now when I got mine together I did notice that some of my cards are taller than the dividers. I probably could have tested that before cutting them out, so again, partly the tute and partly my fault.

But this one is just for me, so no biggie. I will definitely make it again with some minor tweaking. It would make a cute little stocking stuffer or a little something for friends. Altogether very cute and pretty darned quick to make!
I plan on using mine not only for loyalty cards but for restaurant coupons, and those little cards you get in the mail where you get "$5 a purchase of $20" like for shoe stores and Target and such. I have a tendency to lose those before I can use them.
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TheAccidentalCrafter said...

Thanks for reviewing the tute for us. Yours turned out quite cute too. And so useful. The fabric is pretty too.

Amorette said...

very clever idea for a project! thanks for sharing.

Toni said...

That tutorial has been on my list to try, too! Thanks for reviewing it. Yours looks great!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Really cute!!!