Monday, August 8, 2011

"Splain to Me, Lucy!"

Okay, my children are what I call "Crack of Dawn" kids. You know; all summer long they wake up at 6:00, 6:30 in the morning. Of course today, the first day back to school, at least one of them had to be awakened from his deep slumber. Thing 1 woke up about 6:50 after I'd already had a shower and started cleaning house. I finally had to send her upstairs to get Thing 2. We actually made it to school on time and I walked my little man to his classroom for kindergarten. Yeah, my daughter, the drama queen, said I really didn't have to walk her down. She had it under control. Uh-huh. I went down after I finished with my son just to get a quick peak of her in her classroom. She doesn't know I was there, but I know it.

I actually got some work done today too, and it's only 11:00!
I finished a second star shape. Oops! I just noticed I didn't add those little extra reds I put in on the other one! Oh well, I'll get to that later. Now I need to finish the second design of the, well, the other design. It's not a star. I don't know what to call it. Just something I made up I guess! I also plan on working on the Christmas quilt. Maybe I'll get the front done today. Woohoo! Amazing what you get done when you're not entertaining kids!


Mitzi said...

I know, why do kids do that? My kids are the same way. We have a joke around the house that our dog's job is to wake the girls up on school days. At least I'm not the bad guy that way!
Your hexies look great! great! great!

ARTSAVVY said...

Heard about your hexies and had to stop by and take a look....wonderful (Deb - Mitzi's mother-in-law)