Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WiP Wednesday...again!

Wow, Wednesday? Really? How did that happen? I guess the kids going back to school kind of ate up some time, huh?
Well, here we go. Let's roll her out and see what got done! And don't forget to check out everyone over at Lee's for WiP!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
First I finished block 4 for Embroidery 101 with Clover & Violet. Here are all four.

I made a cute little loyalty card holder from this great tutorial.

I also got more done on my red and white hexie quilt. I now have a center design and three secondary, smaller designs. I am almost done with the fourth. Here are the secondaries so far.

 I finished the top for my Christmas quilt.
I went on a quick trip to Tuesday Morning on, well, Tuesday morning! While I was there, I noticed they had some Fons & Porter quilting tools as well as some EZ tools. I picked up a few things.
See that purple fabric? My neighbor told me yesterday that she keeps forgetting to give us an invitation to her youngest daughter's 4th birthday party. I asked when it will be. Um, Saturday. THIS Saturday? Uh, yeah. So I got to thinking, found the purple fabric (her favorite color) and came up with an idea for a quickie quilt. After just a couple of hours tonight, here's my top.

I'm going to post a quickie tutorial for this one tomorrow so check back! It would be great for a jelly roll. And I'm turning this one into a quillow with this tutorial!

Oh, and remember this block?
Stay tuned in the next week and I'm going to post a plan for a quiltalong based on it. Don't forget to check back in!


Alli said...

I'm excited to see your plans for a quiltalong -- I really like that block! :)

Allegory said...

Yay! Quiltalong! I've been shopping my stash for fabric.

Kathy said...

Yeah! The quiltalong is almost here. I have been saving some civil war stuff for this one! School will be back in session sew sew sew!

Jerimi said...

Your embroidery is very cute. I haven't embroidered in a year or more, and I don't know why. It tends to be much quicker than quilting, and very satisfying.

Your loyalty card holder is just adorable! Love that fabric.

Oi, I can't even think about doing Christmas things yet. I love your Christmas quilt! You do great work. Thanks for sharing it.

Have a great week!

Ruth said...

I really love those red and white hexies! The quiltalong sounds interesting!

The Thompsons said...

You've been a busy girl! :) Love the Christmas quilt top- as I knew I would. I always love when you need a quilt last minute. The mind starts racing through a million easy options. I like the purple.

Marg said...

Wow you have been busy this week. Love the red and white hexies and the great patterns you are making with them.
I love your block, I'm looking forward to seeing your plans for the Quiltalong but not sure whether I will be able to join in.

Cassie said...

Those hexie patterns and the embroidery are great! And I love the card holder, I think I need to make something like that to hold some playing cards...

Linz said...

Okay, I have read most of the posts that I missed! First off - I LOVE the Christmas quilt!! YEEEEE! It turned out SO cute!! Well done, girl!!

Your embroidery blocks are fab and I can't wait for the quilt along!! :)

Leanne said...

Your work is lovely! It's wonderful that you made a handmade present so quickly!d