Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sick Kids and a Win

Well, Thing 2 had to visit the doctor this morning. Of course, they don't know what it is. You can always tell because the conversation starts with, "Well, we have a lot of kids coming in right now with ..." Then they proceed to describe your child's symptoms. Yeah, just say you don't know. Basically he's all congested with a low grade fever and a cough. It doesn't seem to be affecting his activity level. Nothing usually does. And all they told us to give him was Sudafed type stuff. Woohoo! Thanks for the answers. But I'm just glad it's nothing serious since he's my ear infection kid!

I also found out (through my friend Mitzi) that she and I won goodies over at the County Fair sponsored by AnneMarie at genXquilters! Excellent! I won a a gift certificate to Sew Fresh Fabrics and Mitzi won some vintage Pyrex au gratin dishes. I thought those were so cute! So big thanks to AnneMarie. I'm still working my way through all the quilts for the fair, and I can't wait to try some of the recipes! I am seriously thinking about the Bottled Rainbows Kona solids since Mitzi is planning on doing that with our quilting guild as a swap activity. I'm also very tempted by the Heirloom collection by Joel Dewberry. I have been jonesing for this one and Mitzi already picked it up. What would you get?


Linz said...

Yea!!!! I saw that the two of you had won this morning and did a little happy dance in your honor! I say definately get Heirloom! :)

Sorry for the sicky and the unhelpful doctors! I hope he feels better soon! Maybe the Sudafed will - er - affect his activity level for you today! ;)

If Toys Could Talk said...

I'd definitely go for the Heirloom collection fabric. It's on my list of favorites right now, too.

Ruth said...

Yipee, so glad to hear that Mitzi is planning on doing Bottled Rainbow as a swap activity for our guild. I already purchased my Kona Solids from Sew Fresh (lucky you to win a certificate)! In fact, I cut out the background blocks and strips last night to get started. Today is sewing day if I ever get to it. I am hoping that Mitzi has considered offering for us to do a scrap stash swap or something like that as I am a new quilter and have practically no scraps yet.