Monday, August 29, 2011

Quilting Gallery Contest

I decided to enter another contest. This week at the quilting gallery, the theme for their weekly contest is Jellyroll quilts.  So I decided to enter the quilt I made my mom.
I wish i had taken a bbetter picture of the whole quilt. Voting is not until this coming weekend so I'll post about it again later this week.

Don't forget that the block tutorial for the Diamond Chains Quilt Along is tomorrow! I will tell you this, writing a tutorial is much more involved than you think it is. I have started and restarted and stopped and changed and rewrote and deleted and added and cursed and slammed my laptop shut... it's been an interesting week. Hopefully I have worked out most of the bugs and it will make sense!
Now I just have to get caught up on all the things I avoided while I was trying to get this done!

Oh my! See what happens when you wait late to post? You find out you won something! Carolyn at Just One More Stitch just emailed me to let me know I won her giveaway through Intrepid Thread! I'm so excited! Eight fat quarters of Promenade by Riley Blake. I'm so stoked. And the colors I chose are not exactly colors I have used before so that makes it all the more interesting. This is the picture of the set.

I hope it's okay that I stole the picture from Intrepid Thread. I'm excited that it will be yellow cause I can add some to my Bottled Rainbows quilt too! You know, I have got to stop collecting fabric and start using some of it! But I really don't mind collecting it either. I also have to add Carolyn's button to my blog. Hers is one of the cutest buttons I think I've seen. Check it out!

I have got to come up with a button specifically for my blog. This is just so cute! Thanks again, Carolyn!


Kathy said...

Melinda -- We have sooo much in common! I also entered my jelly roll quilt taht I made from the Sunflower Seeds quiltalong. Awsome!

sukie said...

I just got that fabric from Julie too! It's awesome! Congrats!